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Deep Learning, Macro Trading, Chatbots

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We will have four short talks this time.

• Deep Learning (Slides (

• Macro trading by Mansi Singhal (

• FinTech loans: Variation in profitability and defaults with macroeconomic conditions by Aziz Lookman (

• Chatbot for investing ( by Hardik (

Deep Learning by Gaurav ( :

Qplum ( is a digital wealth manager that successfully applies Deep Learning (DL) techniques to trading and investment. In this talk, Gaurav will detail the kinds of DL that Qplum has found useful, as well as some of the blind alleys they've gone down. He will then address some of the technical and operational aspects of trading using DL. What are the key bottlenecks in training and inference? Which software frameworks and which hardware platforms have proven most useful for those workloads? What does a deployment look like? What are the scaling challenges and the key drivers of cost? Also, how does DevOps work when a lot of the "Dev" is handled by machines?

Macro trading by Mansi Singhal ( - (thoughts on entrepreneurship (

Is macro trading dead? Are quants running the hedge funds now? Mansi Singhal ( will present how macroeconomic research contributes to quantitative strategy construction and risk management.

FinTech loans by Aziz Lookman ( Macroeconomic conditions significantly influence the performance of fin-tech peer-to-peer loans. In this presentation, quantitative economist Aziz Lookman ( will discuss in-depth about default risk of FinTech loans with macroeconomic conditions. Read more about his work here (

Chatbot for investing by Hardik Patel (

Hardik Patel ( will showcase qplum's best work on developing a chatbot for investing. This is by far the toughest problem they have worked on.