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This is a group for anyone interested in 'Data Science'. We are not quite sure what the exact definition of a Data Scientist is, but if you deal with something generally related to converting data into useful insight then you will hopefully benefit from joining the group.

Whether you’re in business, academia, or government, and whether you’re an analyst, data miner, programmer, student, electrical engineer, computer scientist, physicist, etc, and you work with data to generate insights, build predictive models, build optimisation models, build reports/dashboards/visualisations, automate analyses, etc, using python, R, SQL, C/C+, Java, Tableau, Excel, Hadoop, etc, and you care about doing it right, efficiently, repetitively, optimally, visually, etc, then join us!

We meet every 6 weeks or so with normally 2 talks, one being of a technical nature. The evening is also for networking over beer and pizza and afterwards we normally continue the discussions down the pub.

*due to demand, we now have morning and lunchtime meetups.

The size of the group means we are reliant on our sponsors to put our events on. Please support them in return:

University of Melbourne
Bachelor of Science majoring in Data Science- https://study.unimelb.edu.au/find/courses/major/data-science/
Master of Data Science - https://study.unimelb.edu.au/find/courses/graduate/master-of-data-science/

La Trobe University - Master of Data Science

Monash Energy Institute

Upcoming events (5)

Teaching machines to read emotions in text

Online event

This will be a webinar, we'll give the zoom details nearer the time. Damian Frankcom https://www.linkedin.com/in/damianfrankcom Teaching machines to read emotions in text This talk covers ML models to detect emotions in social media posts aimed at monitoring the presence of "anger, fear joy and sadness" in how Australians are expressing themselves in conversations during lockdown.

Data Science: what they never taught me at University

Online event

When I graduated with a doctorate in neural networks I thought I'd done all the hard work... In this talk Phil Brierley will take you though 20+ years of data science (or whatever it was called back then) mistakes learnt the hard way. Hopefully it might save you from repeating them. Topics covered will include... Real Data, Real Issues Self Imposed Data Issues Getting the Data My Data Science Toolkit https://www.linkedin.com/in/philbrierley/

Melbourne Datathon 2020.MINI - Expressions of Interest

Online event

Hi all, Due to circumstances beyond everyone's control, it looks like the Melbourne Datathon will have to genetically mutate to survive 2020. (For those not familiar with this event, see http://www.datasciencemelbourne.com/datathon/previousyears/ to see what has happened in the past) We have a few ideas of a few short 'analytical sprints' where we will set tasks lasting just a couple of weeks. The challenges will be ideal for students or others wanting to put themselves in the employment shop window. We anticipate it will be for individuals rather than teams, and will be fully online. ### NOTE ###### We have no data or sponsors yet, so for anything to go ahead 2 things need to happen... 1) we need businesses that have real tasks that need solving who are also prepared to put up the prize money. If this is you then contact Phil Brierley via meetup. 2) we need enough interested participants (>450) - hit RSVP now! ############### The date of this specific meetup event doesn't mean anything - it's just a placeholder event to see what the interest is. If you have any comments or suggestions, please use the comments below \/ Phil Brierley Data Science Melbourne

And Now for Something Completely Different

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Scaling and Generalising Approximate Bayesian Inference

Online event

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