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This is a group for anyone interested in 'Data Science'. We are not quite sure what the exact definition of a Data Scientist is, but if you deal with something generally related to converting data into useful insight then you will hopefully benefit from joining the group.

Whether you’re in business, academia, or government, and whether you’re an analyst, data miner, programmer, student, electrical engineer, computer scientist, physicist, etc, and you work with data to generate insights, build predictive models, build optimisation models, build reports/dashboards/visualisations, automate analyses, etc, using python, R, SQL, C/C+, Java, Tableau, Excel, Hadoop, etc, and you care about doing it right, efficiently, repetitively, optimally, visually, etc, then join us!

We meet every 6 weeks or so with normally 2 talks, one being of a technical nature. The evening is also for networking over beer and pizza and afterwards we normally continue the discussions down the pub.

*due to demand, we now have morning and lunchtime meetups.

The size of the group means we are reliant on our sponsors to put our events on. Please support them in return:

University of Melbourne
Bachelor of Science majoring in Data Science- https://study.unimelb.edu.au/find/courses/major/data-science/
Master of Data Science - https://study.unimelb.edu.au/find/courses/graduate/master-of-data-science/

La Trobe University - Master of Data Science

Monash Energy Institute

Upcoming events (3)

Accelerating MLOps with Amazon SageMaker Webinar

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I’m sitting down with Amazon Web Services (AWS)’s machine learning specialist, Romina Sharifpour to drill down into how they are building and productionising AI models at carsales.com.au.

Join me to fire your own questions live – it’s a free webinar on July 26th, 11 am AEST around Accelerating MLOps with Amazon SageMaker.

Romina will be sharing how Carsales keeps up with increased demand in building and productionising AI models, and their strategy to democratise AI across the whole development team.

Our webinars are always lively!

Please do join our community on July 26th - REGISTER via the link here: https://hubs.li/Q01frPkn0 complete the form and then be sure to add the zoom link to your calendar!

Overcoming the Barriers to Advance your AI Initiatives – Sydney

Needs a location

IN-PERSON EVENT. Register here: https://hubs.li/Q01frLY-0

Advancing AI Sydney is set to bring together some of ANZ's best data executives who have achieved real organisational transformation by leveraging artificial intelligence.

Join us on August 30th, as we further the conversation around scaling AI, how to effectively identify use cases and having certainty on AI decisions, operations, and performance.

To learn more and meet all our confirmed speakers 📘 | Download your PDF Agenda: https://lp.datafuturology.com/aai-sydney-download-agenda

Don't miss our Mission Critical Leaders Panel on AI Acceleration & Impact:

  • Anuj Anand, Chief Information Officer, Ausenco
  • Rolee Satyam, Chief Data Officer, Westpac
  • Sandie Matthews, Chief Information and Data Officer, Department of Education (NSW)
  • Ash Nair, Chief Data and Analytics Officer, QBE Insurance

Driven by the vast increase in data, more available computational power and advances in technology, AI is now a commercial reality. However, the velocity, complexity and veracity of change is leaving many businesses behind. With the right approaches, collaboration, tools, skills and understanding enterprises can thrive through AI led business value.

How can you ready and influence the change and how should we react and prepare for next?

We'll cover more on project prioritisation and what you need to deliver AI with confidence during our in-person event, Advancing AI, on August 30th!

You can't afford to miss out | Get your Early Bird Discount Ticket and SAVE HERE: https://hubs.li/Q01frLY-0

Data Engineering for Business Value – Sydney Summit

Needs a location

IN-PERSON EVENT. Register here: https://hubs.li/Q01frNjG0

The data engineering field is rapidly evolving and providing your organisation with quality data for an enriched decision-making process is crucial!

Join Sydney's data community on August 31st for our Data Engineering for Business Value – Sydney Summit, and be part of this exciting event where we will discuss:

  • Optimisation of the delivery of large and complex data to meet business needs.
  • Building stronger tooling for the modern data stack, bringing Cloud and DevOps into the data science workflow.
  • Ensuring that data is trustworthy, accessible, and secure at each point in its lifecycle.

To learn more and meet all our confirmed speakers 📘 | Download your PDF Agenda: https://lp.datafuturology.com/des-sydney-download-agenda

Don't miss our keynote panel - The Engineer In The Data Analytics Space Now & Next:

  • Graham Darby, Head of Data Engineering & Data Modernisation, CoreLogic
  • Ivan Liu, Director of Engineering, Rokt
  • Marina Sigaeva, Senior Data Engineer, Commonwealth Bank of Australia
  • Mathew Finch, Head of Emerging Technology & Data Platforms, nib Group

This discussion session will explore the role of the engineer, and critically the factors playing into the rise and re-shaping of the role including the decentralisation of the modern data stack, shifting tooling environment, the data team break-up and rise of cloud. The data engineer’s focus has evolved from infrastructure development to performance-based elements and data reliability.

What does this all mean for data engineers in the future and potential data function creep?

We'll cover more on Data Engineering and the evolution of the Data Engineer role during our upcoming Data Engineering for Business Value – Sydney Summit!

You can't afford to miss out | Get your Early Bird Discount Ticket and SAVE HERE: https://hubs.li/Q01frNjG0

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Advancing AI Melbourne

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