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Big Data, Big Mistake

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6:00 pm - beer & pizza

6:20 - Talk 1: Evan Stubbs - Big Data, Big Mistake

7:50 (ish) - Talk 2: Yuval Marom - Getting Started with Text Mining

8:30 close.

8:30+ This time we'll try and find a pub that's open!

Note: there will be a $5 honesty box. This will be another capacity event so please only respond if you plan to attend.

Talk 1: Big Data - Big Mistake

Evan Stubbs - Chief Analytics Officer, SAS Australia

We’re in an era unprecedented change. That’s not hyperbole, that’s just reality. The bronze age lasted roughly 2,000 years. The iron age roughly 1,000. The automative age as we know it may only last a bit over 100 years. The PC era as we knew it lasted 40 years. One thing’s for sure though - there’s still far too many people making a big mistake with big data. The contents of the talk will be on:

• Why the future won’t be like the past and the data science debacle

• Why information liquidity is an inevitability and what we need to do to protect privacy

• The types of people in high demand and how you can take advantage of this in selling your vision (and you!)

• And various other random observations and thoughts ...

To get a taster, here is a recent interview with Evan on the value of data,

About Evan...

Evan advises executive leadership on how to achieve competitive advantage through business analytics. A global expert in the use of business analytics in driving value, Evan leads SAS' Business Analytics Advisory group.

Drawing on his practical experience in business analytics consulting, harnessing innovation, and driving transformation across multiple industry sectors, Evan's public talks are in high demand with audience sizes having spanned intimate conversations with the executive through to groups of over a thousand people. His ability to blend the strategic with the pragmatic has inspired a wide range of visionaries from the C-level leadership team right through to active practitioners and university graduates.

A strong believer in the need for practitioners to drive maturity in their profession, Evan is an active board member of the Institute of Analytics Professionals of Australia and regularly works with Universities across Australia to further higher education and the profession.

Talk 2 - Getting Started with Text Mining

Yuval Marom - Head of Analytics & Data Services at iSelect

This will be a short 20-30 minute technical presentation, where we'll cover some basic techniques for turning your unstructured text data into a structured dataset that you can then analyse, model, visualise, report on, etc... This will include techniques such as tokenising, parsing, stemming, bag-of-words, tfidf, and n-grams. If time permits, we might also get into more advanced stuff like part-of-speech tagging, latent semantic analysis, topic modeling, and sentiment detection.