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We are a community of data scientists, technologists and analysts who work with data. This Meetup discusses the tools, methods and technologies used to analyse large scale data (big data), obtain predictive insight, and exploit business opportunities from data products.

We talk about topics like: big data analytics, distributed data analytics, Pig, Hive, data mining, machine learning, scalable data analytics, predictive analytics, statistical computing, applied statistics, R language, Python, NLP, large scale analytical paradigms, data science opportunities & challenges, data science learning & training...

No boring, theoretical presentations, but interesting, amusing, practical talks showcasing data science applications and data scientists' work along with practical demonstrations, interactions and sharing of ideas.

If you are interested in Data Science and you'd like to meet other data scientists who are passionate about data science, come and join us.

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Analysing X-Rays For COVID-19 Using AI

Online event

Zegami has built a tool that could help speed up diagnosis of COVID-19, using a combination of deep learning and groundbreaking data visualisation. This platform has shown proficiency, using a limited dataset, in distinguishing between x-rays of COVID-19 infections and infections caused by viral or bacterial pneumonia, as well as images of healthy lungs. Join us for a walkthrough of this cutting-edge case study to understand how machine learning and visualisation techniques can be used to speed up medical diagnosis and create better machine learning models. Doug Lawrence, MSc, Machine Learning Engineer I have a background in physics and data science, mastering in nuclear fusion at the University of York. Since graduating, I discovered a passion for machine learning, and expanded my programming skill-set to include C#, Python and JavaScript React. I am now exploring the world of computer vision professionally, and experimenting with reinforcement learning in personal projects. Steve Taylor, Founder & CSO Steve’s personal mission is to disrupt the analysis of complex data to improve the world. He wants to put powerful but easy-to-use analysis methods into the hands of everyone – not just computer experts – by using innovative visualisation and interaction technologies.

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