What we're about

Data Science Phoenix is for current and aspiring data science practitioners, data scientists, data miners, statisticians, data analysts, data engineers, data architects, data visualisers, data journalists, data consultants, academics, researchers, people from science and social sciences, and in general people directly involved in data projects. We welcome students and post-docts too.

We are aiming to meet monthly to discuss diverse topics in big data analytics, distributed data analytics, data mining, predictive analytics, applied machine learning (and subtopics such as classification, clustering, neural networks, graphical algorithms, information retrieval, search, computational learning theory, reinforcement learning, collaborative filtering etc.), statistical modeling, statistical computing, heuristics, massive text mining, natural language processing, large scale analytical paradigms, open data, and data visualization.

We will have industrial, academic, and government luminaries as speakers. This meetup will not just be about lectures (from introductory to advanced) and free food and drinks (with help from sponsors). We encourage lively discussion in order to promote professional development and continuous learning so that you can walk away with new ideas, concepts and tools to help you solve your hardest problems.

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