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Data Science Phoenix is for current and aspiring data science practitioners, data scientists, data miners, statisticians, data analysts, data engineers, data architects, and in general people directly involved in data projects. We welcome students and post-docts too.

We are aiming to meet monthly to discuss diverse topics in big data analytics, distributed data analytics, data mining, predictive analytics, applied machine learning (and subtopics such as classification, clustering, neural networks, graphical algorithms, information retrieval, search, computational learning theory, reinforcement learning, collaborative filtering etc.), statistical modeling, statistical computing, heuristics, massive text mining, natural language processing, large scale analytical paradigms, open data, and data visualization.

We will have industrial, academic, and government luminaries as speakers. This meetup will not just be about lectures (from introductory to advanced) and free food and drinks (with help from sponsors). We encourage lively discussion in order to promote professional development and continuous learning so that you can walk away with new ideas, concepts and tools to help you solve your hardest problems.

Upcoming events (4)

Google DevFest 2021 - AI/ML Edition (Free, Virtual and Interactive)

A virtual interactive event with live tech talks, hands-on workshops to learn from Google AI/ML experts.
***** Registration Instruction *****
-- Register to receive join link here: https://bit.ly/2Z1qAkR
-- RSVP on meetup is turned off.
-- Even if you can't attend live session, register to receive recordings.

DevFest is an annual tech conference covering topics that are important to the tech community. It is a worldwide celebration and testament of the impact of Google Developer Groups on developers with the goal to help developers learn and connect as a community to accelerate local economic impact.

In the second year, DevFest AI/ML edition will focus on applied ML engineering practice, ML system design, MLOps, as well as Machine Learning engineers careers. We will bring over thousands global attendees together with inspirational keynotes, deep dive tech talks, and hands-on code labs, and peer networking time as well.

Engage in live tech talks, hands-on sessions where you will learn machine learning, tensorflow, ML in prod. Join us for tech talk sessions, training sessions, live demos, and networking with AI experts and your peers.

Featured Speakers:
* Valliappa Lak, from Google.
* Dale Markowitz, from Google.
* Robert Crowe, from Google.
* Shreya Shankar, from UC Berkeley.
* more on the website

* Keynotes
* Deep dive tech talk sessions
* Hands-on code labs
* ML career talks /women in ML panel
* Networking and 1:1 office hours
* Fun activities, Swags, prizes.

Event website: http://devfest21.xnextcon.com

Maximizing GPU Utilization and Model Accuracy With Data-centric AI Practices


In computer vision projects, managing data is often an afterthought. That is why at least 31% of projects fail. In this webinar, the speaker will talk about how to build a solid data foundation to train more accurate and cost-effective computer vision models.

In this session, you will learn about Hub, an open-source dataset format for AI. Hub works with computer vision datasets of any size and enables easy creation, storage, version control, and streaming to ML frameworks while training. Moreover, you will learn how to apply the data-centric framework to resolve common data bottlenecks when using tools like Amazon SageMaker. The speaker will also demonstrate how to visualize and explore datasets – from MNIST to ImageNet. As a result of the session, you will be able to easily build computer vision data pipelines and fully utilize the compute resources.

More events:
* 12/8, Summit: Google DevFest 2021 - AI/ML Edition.
* 12/16, Seminar: Practical MLOps: Operationalizing ML Models in Production.

AI live webinar: How To Make AI & BI Work At Scale

Online event


Join leading technologists from DataRobot, Buoy Health, and AtScale for a panel on how to unlock the power of data and analytics for everyone, foster more self-service and greater data science literacy, and generate a better return on data science investments.
The panelists will share practical guidance and examples on how the unification of BI and data science adds AI-enhanced data to the semantic layer, providing the same insights across the consumer spectrum, regardless of the tool used. You’ll learn how to amplify the effect of the data science team by sharing their work with a wider audience and providing that audience with the ability to deliver feedback on the quality and utility of their predictions.

What you will learn in this webinar?
- Implementing the right processes and tools to democratize data and empower individuals to utilize data through self-service analytics.
- Major differences between Augmented Intelligence vs. Artificial Intelligence.
- Delivering Augmented Intelligence to a broader audience by publishing the results of data science programs through existing BI channels.
- Feeding data science models results back into the semantic layer to consume predictive insights alongside historical data.

Who should join?
AI, BI, and Data leaders (e.g., Chief Data Officers, data scientists, data literacy, business intelligence, and analytics professionals) looking to make AI & BI work at scale.

Featured speakers:
- Ben Taylor, Chief AI Evangelist, from DataRobot.
- Greg Joondeph-Breidbart, CTO, from Buoy Health.
- Daniel Gray, VP of Solutions Engineering, from AtScale.
- Dave Mariani, Chief Technology Officer, Founder, AtScale

More events:
- 11/30, Workshop: Hands-on Workshop for Computer Vision and Object Detection.
- 12/2, Seminar: Practical Weak Supervision with Snorkel and Azure, by Microsoft.
- 12/3, Seminar: Fast Product Iteration with Offline Replay Experiment, by Pinterest
- 12/8, Summit: Google DevFest 2021 - AI/ML Edition.
- 12/14, Seminar: Image Recognition with Amazon Rekognition, by AWS
- 12/16, Seminar: Practical MLOps: Operationalizing ML Models in Production.

AWS AI/ML Series: Image Recognition with Amazon Rekognition

Online event


We are partnering with AWS team to host a series of AI/ML tech seminars for the community. We will give away a few AWS credits ($20/each) during the event.

Image recognition can be tricky, but with Amazon Rekognition image and video analysis is automated for you.
Join to learn how to get started with Rekognition and some ideas of how you can use it in your projects. We will discuss:
- Challenge of computer vision and info extraction from image/video.
- How Amazon Rekognition solves the problem.
- The services and APIs provided.
- Live demo.

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