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Data Science Retreat
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We're hosting the last Data Science Talent Day of 2019, showcasing 5 machine learning projects & prototypes from Data Science Retreat's latest graduating batch.

17:00 Drinks and Networking

17:30 Update from Deep Berlin
17:40 Update from Data Science Retreat

Project presentations:

- 18:00 Bastian Kubsch (PhD - Biochemistry, Biophysics and Molecular Biology)
'Electricity carbon intensity prediction - predicting how clean or dirty electricity is - time-series'

- 18:20 Gargi Maheshwari (MSc Physics) & Catarina Ferreira (MSc Biology)
'Can computers see style? - similar art in Wiki Art - computer vision'

- 18:40 Mack Delany (BEng Civil Engineering)
'Emergency Intelligence: predicting triage severity using a unique & large medical dataset'

- 19:00 Short Break

Project presentations:

- 19:10 Edith Chorev (PhD Neurobiology)
'Classification of sleep stages from EEG: classifying sleep stages - sequential data'

- 19:30 Hai Bui (BSc Business Administration & Economics)
'Extracting summaries from the text - NLP'

- 19:50 Guest Speaker - Adam Green
'Mistakes Data Scientists Make ('

- 20:00 Wrap up & end