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Commonwealth Bank of Australia

South Building 1 Harbour Street · Sydney

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Please go to Commonwealth Bank Place (South Building) in Darling Harbour.

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Data Science Sydney presents our June 2019 event:

LUIZ PIZZATO:"How to build Machine Learning Algorithms using Homomorphic Encryption"

DANIELLA ABURTO: "Towards an inclusive AI"

200 seats available, first come, first served for members on the RSVP-yes list. Please ensure that you keep your RSVP up to date. If you cannot make it, please make your spot available for others as soon as possible.

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To comply with CBA Security we need your FIRST and LAST NAME before the event. If these are not your profile name, please enter them when you register. Members who do not provide first and last name will be removed from the guest list and will not be able to attend.

Registration opens at 5:30pm and close at 6:15pm, sharp. Food and beverages between 6pm and 6:15pm. Late comers cannot be admitted.

LUIZ PIZZATO:"How to build Machine Learning Algorithms using Homomorphic Encryption"

The talk: Homomorphic Encryption (HE) allows calculation to be performed in data while still encrypted. It enables a number of business solutions that would not have been possible otherwise. In particular, HE allows companies to engage in data collaborations while knowing that their sensitive data is secure.

In this talk, Luiz will describe how to build machine learning algorithms with the constraints imposed by homomorphic encryption as well as he will demonstrate PyHEAL, a soon to be open sourced library developed by Accenture Liquid Studio that makes developing such algorithms easier.

The author: Luiz is an expert data scientist with nearly 20 years of experience in ML and AI. He has a PhD and a MSc in Computer Science both with focus on Natural Language Processing. Luiz is one of the leading experts in Recommender Systems.

During his career Luiz has built commercial AI systems for matching people in online dating platforms as well as for finding best candidates for job positions. For his PhD, Luiz created NLP techniques for question answering systems which are now prevalent in virtual assistant devices such as Alexa and Siri. Luiz also worked on complex NLP problems for some of the large financial institutions in the world and worked on AI solutions to improve the banking experience for businesses in Australia.

At Accenture, Luiz leads the Liquid Studio Sydney team, a highly specialised group of engineers focusing on Data Science and Robotics. Our work involves cutting edge and emerging technologies in AI including eXplainable AI, Homomorphically Encrypted ML and robotics.


DANIELLA ABURTO: "Towards an inclusive AI"

The talk: AI is a great opportunity to try and solve some of the most complex problems in the world. However, the quality of decisions will obviously depend on what you “feed “ the models.

An interesting study fed literature from 19th and 20th-century texts into a machine learning model. It was then asked to write a book. Not surprisingly the book was racist and sexist...because that’s how most literature used to be written.

If we want to ensure that we don’t harden and augment centuries-old biases, we need diversity in AI! We need people from different backgrounds - not just gender and race - working on AI.

The author: Daniella is passionate about scaling cool technologies to drive a positive impact. Daniella understands that AI will disrupt life as we know it, and sees a great opportunity in leveraging AI into shaping a more inclusive world. With this mission, Daniella is expanding Humans for AI into Australia and New Zealand.

Daniella has worked, studied, and lived in Mexico, Canada, USA, and now Australia. She holds a Master's degree from Yale University and a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Toronto.