Deep Learning with Tensorflow 2.0 - workshop with Dan Howarth

This is a past event

30 people went

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Hello all
We are back with our coding workshops
June 29
venue is

Room 604
in the institute of education
UCL Institute of Education
University College London
20 Bedford Way
London WC1H 0AL
United Kingdom

agenda below
we have very limited places since co-organising with UCL AI society

1000 – 1130
Intro to Deep Learning
Overview of DL concepts
Overview of Tensorflow 2.0
Set-up libraries etc.
‘Hello World’ CV example with a feed forward DL model covering at high level:
Building, compiling and training models
Interpreting results
Data Pipeline and Augmentation

1130 -1300
Intro to Computer Vision
Overview of Computer Vision concepts
Relevant Tensorflow 2.0 functionality
Build CNN model in Tensorflow 2.0
Focus on model performance
Models and Layers using functional API and sub-classing

1400 – 1530
Intro to Transfer Learning
Overview of Transfer Learning concepts
Relevant Tensorflow 2.0 functionality
Build a Transfer Learning mdoel in tf2.0
Covering fine tuning and feature extraction
Custom Training Loops