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Welcome! This meetup is to help further our skills in Data Science. I have taken numerous online classes and have always wanted to share my experiences with other online learners. I have used online forums and posted to threads, but I realized I wasn’t building a network around me.

There were also times when the process felt lonely and frustrating. Have you ever started a class online and run into an issue downloading the software that could be solved with someone glancing over your shoulder to help you? Ever wondered what other platforms are out there and if it’s worth your time and money? Wouldn't it be nice to get an opinion of someone you know that has taken classes for these topics?

In this meetup I plan to have events (online and in person) to share experiences, new technology, trends in the industry and find ways to bridge the gap between online learning and learning in a classroom. I hope you join and contribute to building this community of online learners in the Boston area, trying to improve and stay on top of the ever-changing field of Data Science!

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Intro to SQL and statistics

Needs a location

Kickoff meeting for Boston Data Science Online Learners

Needs a location

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