Project Night: TBDSG Workshop at SOFWERX "South"

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1925 2nd Ave, Tampa, FL, 33605 · Tampa, FL

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This meetup:

Note the newish venue at SOFWERX "South!"

Fresh off the Hack Zika 2017 Hackathon, we'll keep crunching on the Mosquito Control GIS data provided to us by Hillsborough County Public Works. I'm trying to entice one or two County GIS experts to attend and will announce it here if they confirm - so check back -> YES! Larry G. (Hillsborough County Public Works GIS guru) will be able to help us out until about 7, so we'll get right to it! If you are new to GIS analysis, no worries! We can help you get started or just feed you datasets exported from the GIS databases.

I'm also working on getting support for refreshments for our Project Nights but feel free to bring your own. Think of this as BYOB, and yes, SOFWERX does permit alcohol so if you enjoy data modeling with a brew, bring your fav.

Of course, new projects are always welcome so if you have a data science project you've been working on and would like to share how it's going or would like a sounding board to bounce ideas off of, think of this as BYOData!

What to bring: Your laptop with your fav analysis software installed!

Plus: if you want to get started with GIS analysis, try installing QGIS (a free and open-source GIS GUI written in Python) and we can help you get rolling up the learning curve.


The boiler plate:

Tampa Bay Data Scientists!

The intent of this meeting is to bring together people in the Tampa Bay and surrounding areas involved in or interested in data science or related subdisciplines.

Project nights are intended to bring people of all skill levels together to work on projects within the many sub-disciplines of data science. So bring your laptops, ideas, and curiosity!

SOFWERX ( has been gracious enough to provide the space for several break-out sessions where varying skill levels can work together on any number of projects.

If you are a novice or are just getting started, this is the place to apply those new skills you have just acquired. For experienced data professional, this is the event to expand your professional network as well as sharing/starting your new favorite data project!

Please come, enjoy, and help us build this community!