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Every 3rd Thursday of the month

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Tampa Bay Data Scientists!


It takes at least three things to keep a tech meetup going:
1) Great speakers
2) Great hosts, and
3) Great sponsors.

This date is available for all three!

We've been fortunate lately. While we obviously always need new speakers, it's clear that having several hosts for venues, and sponsors for refreshments, would help lighten the load on our regular contributors.

Message Mike T (de facto organizer) if you would like to present a data science related talk to our community. My personal favorites are talks presenting real life applications, whether professional or hobbist, but all data sciency (scienceish?) talks are welcome.

Further, if your place of work has space for 30 - 40 polite and respectful data scientists, let us know. I often refer to the Tampa Bay area as a "Doughnut Metropolis." Barring a big enough boat for us to assemble in the doughnut hole, locations scattered around the bay area would increase accessibility and alleviate gephyrophobia.

Finally, we want to keep these events free and open. One or two hundred bucks for food and drinks may not sound like much, but it adds up over time and we don't want to take any contributors for granted. So if you or a business or institution you know might be willing to pony up for one of our meetings, please get in touch. Of course, we can show our appreciation in various ways.

If you have any ideas or interest, send me a message now!

Mike T.