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"No problem can stand the assault of sustained thinking."—Voltaire

This is a group for anyone interested in finding ways to end aging and extend life. You can be located anywhere - we'll have virtual meetings because folks from other cities / countries are also interested in the projects. [Check out projects here (https://www.morelife.tech/projects) and sign up here (https://bit.ly/2ZMANNB).]

Think of it like this: Tech for MoreLife (where more = improved well-being + extended life).

- If you work in aging and longevity and want to collaborate with folks from the tech community, then join.

- If you are interested in learning about and working on exciting problems in aging and longevity (think software engineering, data science, machine learning, etc. for aging and longevity), then join.

We are capable of so much, technologically, culturally, and personally, and in that spirit, I have started an initiative titled MoreLife*. This is a result of one of my deepest yearnings: for humankind to have an option to live longer and healthier. And it is inspired by researchers in aging and longevity, folks in tech who dedicate their free time to meaningful projects, and philosophers behind efforts such as DataKind, Code for America, Scikit-Learn and many others.

*[MoreLife info: https://www.morelife.tech/ ]

*[Slack: https://bit.ly/2CLcl5g ]

*[LinkedIn group: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/12234727/ ]

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