The Map is not the Territory: OpenStreetMap workshop w/Jez Nicholson

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Data Visualisation Brighton
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Maps are probably the most used visualisation day-to-day but as philosopher Alfred Korzybski said: "the map is not the territory". In other words, a picture of a thing is not the thing. It is a simplified model of the world that we use as a tool.

Moreover there is another layer of simplification beneath it: the data.

OpenStreetMap ( is the free and open map of the world. It is also the queen of open data as it gives us the opportunity to experience how map makers model and visualise the world.

This workshop by Jez Nicholson ( is a practical introduction to collecting, modelling and mapping.

There will be:

• some slides

• some map making

• some discussion &

• maybe a quiz

There'll also be some hands-on work so bring a laptop or share with a neighbour.


From Trafalgar Street, enter Blackman Street and we're just a minute's walk at the end.


Data Visualisation Brighton is sponsored by Brighton based Ozkan Accountants ( who will kindly provide refreshments.

Nilden, director of Ozkan Accountants, is keen to support local events such as ours and hopes that providing sponsorship will help our community forge new and meaningful links.

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