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Building Custom Data Viz using D3.js & Intro to Observable: Data Viz DC Monthly

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Building Custom Data Viz using D3.js & Intro to Observable: Data Viz DC Monthly


Data Visualization DC Monthly Meetup -- Every 2nd Thursday

Join Data Viz DC for our monthly meetup to talk shop with data viz enthusiasts, meet other data visualization professionals, learn more about data visualization tools, tricks, and jobs, and share your own work in a Viz and Tell talk!

If you're interested in the intersection of Data Science, Visual Design, UI/UX, Art, Psychology, and Business Intelligence, this event is for you.

Register at:

6:00-6:15pm: Welcoming and Intro to Data Viz DC
6:15-6:45pm: Intro to Observable Notebooks - Vlad Korobov
6:45-7:00pm: Q&A / Discussion
7:00-7:20pm: Building Custom Data Visualizations using D3.js - Amelia Wattenberger
7:20-7:35pm: Q&A / Discussion
7:35-7:50pm: Viz & Tell community presentations
7:50-8:00pm: Closing

Building Custom Data Visualizations using D3.js

Building data visualizations on the web opens the door to complex, interactive formats - let’s look at the basics of creating a chart using d3.js, the de facto javascript library.

Speaker Bio: Amelia Wattenberger
I write code, think about data, and create digital experiences.
Currently Staff Research Engineer doing R&D on developer experience on the Github Office of the CTO team.

Intro to Observable Notebooks

Observable is interactive notebook for data viz folks. Let's review it together to find which aspect of it would be beneficial to you...

  • A nice place to lear and try d3?
  • Collection of implemented visualizations where you can check the code and change it?
  • Personal portfolio?
  • Social network for data viz people?
  • Place where you can promote your work?
    I'm sure we will find something for you

Speaker Bio: Vlad Korobov
Energetic digital product manager. Expert in web & mobile apps. Co-founder of Omka.Games, organizer at, co-founded and operated – mobile app development agency, focused on E-commerce.

Viz and Tell

Get up in front of your peers and talk about a viz project you're working on for 5 minutes. This is a great opportunity to display your work, practice your presentation skills in a safe space. If you are interested in presenting please fill our our brief form:

(or email us at will at

Learn more at

Data Viz DC is a member of Data Community DC, a nonprofit dedicated to data education in the nation's capital. Learn more at

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