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Our goal is to promote a Dataviz community in Portugal, that brings together anyone who wants to transform raw data into expressive and effective visualization designs. For this aim we organize talks, workshops, discussions, hack sessions, and more.

We want to build a creative environment full of professionalism, knowledge and curiosity, ambition and humour, responsibility towards society and enthusiasm for (the beauty of) data.

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#33 Dataviz – Murray Dick – Online, Free

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🎙Making sense of the visual in data visualizations – a new(ish) method of analysis🎙

The study of visual culture is a growing field of interest in the academy. There are today many scholarly journals concerned with visual culture broadly defined, and a number of highly specialized sub-fields (including within Medicine and Arts practice), and there are many textbooks concerned with the analysis of the visual, within different disciplines. But because this work comes from a range of perspectives, from different ways of thinking and knowing; from the arts and humanities, though to sociology and anthropology, there is a risk that progress in the field may fall victim to a type of babelization. Some fear that this could in turn prevent visual research from ever becoming a coherent site of knowledge in its own right; that a lack of coherence may in turn serve to limit its gaining acceptance across the social sciences.

Data may be considered at the same time and by degrees of emphasis, as comprising; a Theory (a method, or a proof), an Aesthetic, a Tool (or pragmatics; a means of change), and an Ideology (TATI). Within and amongst these competing, co-existing discourses a clearer understanding of the distinctions between genres within visual communication, and both the social meanings with which they are inscribed and the behaviors that they illicit may be achieved. In this talk, I will set out some of the established ways of analyzing visual data (from Panofsky’s Iconology to social semiotics), before setting out the origins of the TATI model, and then putting them into practice in a case study.

The Event is online and free of charge!
17h:30 🎙 Talk from Murray Dick
18:10 💬 Q&A
Don't be shy and ask questions via comment.

***** About Murray Dick *****

Dr. Murray Dick is senior lecturer in multimedia journalism, at Newcastle University, UK. His research interests are concerned with visual culture, visual methods, and with evolutionary theories of journalism and communication. He is author of The Infographic: A History of Data Graphics in News and Communications (MIT Press, 2020).

📍More about Murray Dick:

Twitter: @Murray_Dick
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/slewfootsnoop
His book can be found here.

See you all very soon 👋

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