Sixth Meetup for Data Viz Enthusiasts! Special Edition with Nadieh Bremer!

Data Visualization in Munich Meetup
Data Visualization in Munich Meetup
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I am delighted to have an internationally renown data visualization star - Nadieh Bremer ( - give a presentation at our meetup!!

Kudos also to Marc Thiele, organizing the beyond tellerrand conference (, attracting so many great speakers including Nadieh to come to Munich and supporting us as a side event!
And kudos to Johann Romefort and Stylight, for spontaneously offering their terrific location for this event!

Title of the talk: Hacking the visual norm

There are so many visualization tools out there today, most with a pre-made set of charts. But trying to wrangle your data to fit (uncomfortably) into the default charts is not the right mindset. Adjust the visual to your data, not the other way around. You don't necessarily have to be a code wizard to let your creativity run free. Even with the defaults, you can become creative by using them in a different way, combining layouts or chart types to create something new, or even changing small pieces of code from existing visualization frameworks.

During this talk Nadieh will take you through several of her data visualization projects, both from the business environment of her day job and the experiments made in her evenings. Hopefully, by the end you’ll want to step outside of your "visualization" comfort zone and create (custom) charts that best display the insights in the data.

Nadieh Bremer is a graduated Astronomer, turned Data Scientist, turned self-taught Data Visualization Designer. After working for a consultancy & fintech company where she discovered her passion for the visualization of data, she's now working as a freelancing data visualization designer under the name "Visual Cinnamon". She focuses on uniquely crafted (interactive) data visualizations that both engage and enlighten its audience. Secretly, she wouldn't mind venturing into data & generative art as well.

The tentative agenda:
19.00 - 19.30 Arrival, networking, free pizza, beer and soda
19.30 - 19.35 Short Introduction
19.35 - 20.15 Hacking the visual norm (Nadieh Bremer)
20.15 - 20.30 Q & A
20.30 - 20.40 The latest and greatest visualizations from around the world (Mihael Ankerst)
20.40 - 20.45 Visualization challenges (Mihael Ankerst)
20.45 - 22.00 Networking, chilling and having fun

Don't miss out this unique opportunity - join us and get inspired!

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