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Leveraging Big Data Technologies at the Government : Patent Information


The United States Patent Office has been trying to innovate and replace closed systems with systems built on open or open source technologies. One of the current challenges has been to create a new patent search for examiners. The challenge is not only to make patents for the united states available to the examiners, but eventually all of the patent organizations around the world.

Examiners have a lot of domain knowledge and the way they query the current system must be maintained. It's a little more complicated than boolean queries, and less complicated than natural language search. Rahul will talk about his experience in working on and improving a system built on Java, Scala, Cassandra, Spark, SolR, Dojo, jQuery UI. The goal is for you to understand how large scale organizations deal with changing technology and some business and technology take aways.

Our Speaker

Rahul Singh is a technology minded business person and a business minded technologist. As CEO of a company devoted to solving the most difficult problems in streamlining, organizing, and unifying business information, he is responsible for training the team, overseeing and creating technology with the research and development team, and fostering client and service partner relationships.

Although he’s programmed in over 30 computer languages and has worked with numerous platforms, frameworks, and libraries across all major internet software systems, he likes to spend his time sharpening his skills in information retrieval (search), knowledge management, business information systems, and machine learning to come up with ideas for a smarter, more modern enterprise.

2201 G St. NW · Washington, DC