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October Meetup - The Business Value of Data Wrangling

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Topic Overview: The Business Value of Data Wrangling

Data Wrangling and Data Preparation have emerged as key topics in the world of Information Management and Business Analytics. However, many people are not familiar with these terms, let alone the details these topics. Data volumes are growing exponentially, the speed at which data crosses people's desks increases almost daily, and the various types of data to be analyzed can be overwhelming. The industry has developed a powerful range of tools to store data and an equally powerful range of tools to analyze data. However, to date, there has not a been significant amount of focus on careful preparation and active manipulation of this data to allow for more thorough approaches to data and business analytics. This presentation will cover relevant background and provide a foundation for understanding the business value of Data Wrangling. Topics include:

What is Data Wrangling?

• Data Wrangling vs. Data Preparation

• Market and Analyst Overview

• Common Data Wrangling Tasks

• The Best Time and Place

• Connecting Data Wrangling and Business Value

Speaker Bio:

Bob Moore is a Vice President of Solutions Consulting at TIBCO. He has over 15 years of Business Intelligence and Data Visualization experience. Data Wrangling and Data Preparation, in conjunction with visual analytics tools, has been an area of focus for the last decade. He has experience with data from numerous industries and varied use cases.

2201 G St. NW · Washington, DC