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Data{} is a meetup community where anyone involved or interested in how to architect, build and manage real-life data products can share their experiences and knowledge, and hear from the biggest players in the tech industry.

Join us for our inaugural meetup focused on {Engineering} hosted by Trainline. Speakers include:

- Jan Teichmann, Head of Data Science at Zoopla
#Highly Recommended: Lessons learned from implementing a recommendation engine at Zoopla.

Recommendation systems are everywhere and for many online platforms, their recommendation engines are the actual business. Likewise, consumers came to expect a personalised experience and sophisticated recommendation systems to find relevant products and content, all to save consumers time and money.
But how do you build a recommendation engine and what does a personalisation roadmap come to look like?
In real-world scenarios, there are many challenges textbooks brush over and we have our fair share of them at Zoopla:
- anonymous users across devices,
- too big and dynamic listing catalogues,
- data quality and engineering challenges
- cold start problems
- no direct unbiased user feedback at scale
In this presentation, you will learn about Zoopla's efforts to build a best in class recommendation engine.

- Davide Anastasia, Head of Data at Cloud.IQ
Location data and streaming processing

In the last few years, streaming processing has become an important tool for any data engineer. Due to its nature, streaming processing relies on timestamped data, however many datasets contain an equally important data point: location.
This presentation will show how with an handful of moving part and a set of well-known services from GCP, it is possible to build a data processing pipeline that computes location-based user sessions which can be used in a variety of ways, from analytics all the way to customer facing apps.

- Sam Taylor, Head of Data Science at Trainline
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There'll be ample opportunity to network, lots of merch on offer, and we'll keep you refreshed with pizza and beer throughout the evening.

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