Apache Ranger: Securing Big Data in Hadoop

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Big Data, Hadoop, Security, Java, Apache Ranger, Open Source, Hortonworks

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Apache Hadoop has found itself at the Core of Enterprise Computing in recent years. As many corporations move their core business operations to Big-Data systems based on Hadoop for analyzing/processing data, security becomes one of the critical factors in their technology selection process.

One project in the Apache umbrella that solely focuses on Hadoop security is Apache Ranger. Apache Ranger delivers a comprehensive approach to security for a Hadoop cluster. It provides central security policy administration across the core enterprise security requirements of authorization, accounting and data protection.

This talk will cover fundamental security aspects and then discuss security options available in Apache Hadoop ecosystem. Then, Apache Ranger will be covered in detail and with a demo, it will be shown how Ranger can be used to secure Hadoop ecosystem from a centralized web interface and various aspects of Security Administration. Finally, the talk will conclude with strategies and best practices to be used in securing enterprise data within Hadoop environment.

Speaker Bio:

Selvamohan Neethiraj

Selvamohan Neethiraj (Selva) manages the enterprise security development team at Hortonworks (HDP), working on Apache Ranger to enable central security framework for Hadoop ecosystem. Previously, Selva was a co-founder and CTO of a Hadoop Security startup, XASecure, which built a security product that addresses some of the key security gaps in the Hadoop Infrastructures. Selva has delivered a security talk in HadoopSummit on Apache Ranger. He had also presented a technical session "You are Hacked: Ten Strategies to secure your Enterprise Java EE Applications" at JavaOne Conference.

Velmurugan Periasamy

Velmurugan Periasamy (Vel) has many years of software industry experience in developing and managing large-scale enterprise systems. He works in enterprise security development team at Hortonworks, contributing to Apache Ranger. He is a frequent speaker at technical conferences and delivered presentations in JavaOne, OSCON, HadoopSummit, Jazoon etc.