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Welcome to DataGiri's Code-Along Saturdays workshop. This is your opportunity to learn hands-on a wide variety of data science skills at this 8-hour workshop. In addition, to growing your skill set, you also get to network with peers and industry professionals.

The event is FREE. Please note that you are required to bring along your own laptops to participate in the workshop. Your laptop must have Anaconda 3.6 pre-installed before you begin the workshop. Find the software here:

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10:00 AM - 12:00 PM : EDA and Data Preprocessing

12:00 PM - 2:00 PM : Logistic Regression

2:00 PM - 4:00 PM : Decision Trees

4:00 PM - 6:00 PM : Random Forest


* Session #1:

Topic: EDA and Data Preprocessing

Instructor : Divesh Kubal

Learning Outcomes : Students will be able to clean and standardize data before applying ML models on top of it and understand why it is necessary

Key Takeaways :

- Label encoding and One-hot-encoding categorical variables
- Missing value imputation
- Detecting and removing outliers
- Feature transformation
- Correlation analysis
- Data leakage


*Session #2

Topic : Logistic Regression

Instructor : Bhargava Reddy

Learning Outcomes : Students will learn how to find an extract relevant features in a dataseta and carry out basic binary classification using these features

Key Takeaways :
- Concept of classification in ML
- Using logistic regression for classification problem
- Implementing logistic regression using sklearn


*Session #3:

Topic: Decision Trees

Instructor : Basab Mukhopadhyay

Learning Outcomes : Understand how decision trees work and what would be the best practices while choosing the appropriate splitting criterion

Key Takeaways :
- How is it different from Linear models?
- Short intro
- Splitting criteria
- Dataset walkthrough


*Session #4

Topic : Random Forest

Instructor : Niket Vyas

Learning Outcome : Understand an industry use case on how to predict sales using Linear Regression and Random forests and interpret their outcomes.

Key Takeaway : -
- Data Preprocessing of a .csv file
- Feature Engineering
- How to model using Linear Regression/Random Forests.


A deep insight into Data Science by some of the top Analytics professionals in the industry followed by an hour-long networking with the leaders in Data Science, Analytics and get an opportunity to interact with leaders and your peers in our mixed format sessions. Network with the start-up Founders to see if your skills match what they are looking out for!

The workshop is FREE of cost to attend
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