The 10,000 Minute Lecture on Multi Layer Perceptron

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Welcome to The 10,000 Minute Lecture workshop. This is your opportunity to learn hands-on a wide variety of data science skills at this 1.5-hour online lecture.

The online lecture is FREE. Your laptop must have Anaconda 3.6 pre-installed before you begin the workshop. Find the software here:

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06:30 pm - 08:00 pm: Multi Layer Perceptron


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Topic: Multi Layer Perceptron

Instructor : Nishant Gupta, Data Scientist (R&D), [24]7

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About the instructor:

Nishant is a Data Scientist with more than 4 yrs of industrial experience holding his Masters in the field from IIIT Bengaluru. He has been working in the R&D domain and is adept in Machine Learning tools like Python, Keras, Tensorflow and PySpark to build models using Regression, Multi Layer Preceptron and more for various clients & businesses. He has always looked forward to guide & mentor the passionate newbies in Data Science

Learning Outcomes: Understand the basic building block of neural networks i.e. Multi Layered Perceptron.

Key takeaways:
1. Introduction to Perceptron
2. Perceptron learning rule
3. Multi Layered Perceptron
4. Neural network implementation


The online lecture is FREE of cost to attend
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