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February 2016 DataDive

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It's that time again! We're working with a number of great charities for a weekend to help them understand and improve their operations, using business & data analysis, predictive modelling and more.

The organisations we’ll be working with are:
• Plan Ireland

• Irish Haemophilia Society
• Volunteer Ireland

• Irish Penal Reform Trust (on an ongoing project)

... all these projects are really interesting and have potential to change peoples lives.

We're incredibly thankful to Nitro for hosting us for the weekend in their offices in Burlington Plaza, Burlington road, Dublin 4 from 10am to 5pm on Saturday and Sunday. We will provide pastries, lunch, dinner, teas & coffees and snacks. The venue is easily accessible by bus and is a short walk from the city centre.

What's the DataDive all about?
The plan is for you, our volunteers, to show up on the Saturday, laptop in hand, ready to work with and learn from others. You'll interact fully with the charities and other volunteers and hopefully have some fun deriving & presenting actionable insights, and possibly planning future ongoing work.

Our Data Ambassadors have been very busy at our last two DataJams (and also in their spare time) putting in a stellar effort to prepare the datasets and work with our charity partners to understand their goals, such that we can all be effective and work on some really interesting problems over the weekend and deliver good insights.

All we need you to do is turn up with your laptop and a willingness to apply your data science skills to some interesting problems to help our charity partners.

We're growing a really strong data and charity focused community here, with some fantastic skills to boot. If you're new to DataKind Dublin then please feel very welcome to come join in the fun; bring your specialist expertise in deep belief networks, your artistic flair for data visualisation, or simply your killer Excel skills - all are welcome and hopefully we can all learn from one another too.
Nitro EMEA HQ, 4th Floor, 1 Burlington Plaza
Burlington Road, Dublin · Dublin
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