DataMass Meetup #2: Kafka for beginners

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Inkubator STARTER

Lęborska 3B · Gdańsk

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Inkubator Przedsiębiorczości Starter, conference room Gdańsk

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We invite you for the next edition of DataMass Meetups!
❕ This meetup is intended for people who would like to get an easy and practical introduction to Kafka.

Our expert:
Bartosz Rynarzewski - experienced Delivery Manager and Software Engineer. Enthusiast of functional programming, delivery automation, and real-time big data processing.

The presentation will include the following topics:
✅Kafka Theory:
*What is Kafka and its purpose.
*Topics, partitions, offsets
*Brokers, Consumers and Producers
✅Using Kafka Command Line Interface
*Brokers/Zookeeper basic configuration
*Starting/stopping Brokers/Zookeeper
*Kafka Console Consumer CLI
*Kafka Console Producer CLI
✅Introduction to Kafka Programming in Java
*Simple Java Producer and Consumer demo
✅Supervised hands-on exercise (optional)
*Setting up Kafka locally and using console consumer and producer CLI.

See you every first Friday of the month!