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DataPhilly is a community run group for anyone interested in gaining insights from data. Topics include (but are not limited to) predictive analytics, applied machine learning, big data, data warehousing and data science. We <3 data!

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People Analytics and How Will We Know We Are in Economic Recovery?

Date: Wed Aug 19, 2020 Event Schedule: 1. Meeting opens at 5:45pm 2. Introductions (Starts at 6pm) 3. Speaker Event -1 Topic: People Analytics Speakers: Ben Attix and Andrew Garfinkel 4. Speaker Event -2 Topic: How Will We Know We Are in Recovery? Applying Data Science to the Analysis of the Business Cycle Speaker: Michael Boldin 5. Networking Event (30 minutes) Hang around for an online networking event after the speaker event. Speaker Event - 1 People Analytics People Analytics uses techniques (ranging from descriptive statistics to predictive analytics to experimental research) to help organizations uncover new insights, solve people problems, and direct actions. There are many business drivers and use cases for why a company would want to use people analytics, but there are also ethical considerations to take into account when using people's data. In this presentation, we will deep dive into the use case of employee attrition, explaining the business impact, data architecture to support the analysis, sample dashboards to analyze results, and lessons learned from implementation. Speakers Bio: Ben Attix is data science consultant at Slalom and has a master's in Information and Data Science from UC Berkeley. He has over 8 years of experience working with predictive analytics and data science. Ben has used classification, regression, deep learning, NLP, and time series to help clients solve complex problems. Andrew Garfinkel is a data & analytics consultant at Slalom. Andrew has broad experience leading the design, development, and implementation of data projects and is interested in the intersection of business strategy and data. Outside of work, Andrew is an amateur chef and professional eater who spends his free time trying out new recipes and restaurants. Speaker Event - 2 How Will We Know We Are in Recovery? Applying Data Science to the Analysis of the Business Cycle This talk will present my experience and impressions from merging data science principles with conventional economic research and forecasting. In particular, I will survey the varying quality and timeliness of national and regional economic indicators and discuss data and modeling issues that limit the accuracy of economic forecasts. The current situation, where wide-spread and sudden shutdowns from the outbreak of the corona virus have pushed the economy into a depression-like decline, suggests that regional data and regional-oriented models are likely to provide the best indicators of an economic recoveries. One goal of this presentation is to encourage anyone who is interested in the topic to apply creativity thinking to a timely issue that combines problems in data management and modeling that are far-from-solved by the economics profession. Speaker Bio: Michael Boldin is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Statistical Sciences at Temple University's Fox School of Business and Management. Dr. Boldin has worked in academia, research institutions, and private industry as an expert in using statistical software and building computer-based systems for managing and reporting financial and economic data. He has extensive professional experience in database management, modeling, forecasting, producing survey results, and seasonal adjustment procedures. He enjoys teaching students that are new to programming the power of the R and Python languages, as well as students that are concentrating in statistical analysis and business analytics how to use these languages and complimentary tools for advanced data management and econometric modeling. You must download and install Zoom if you have not done it already. Once you have installed Zoom, click on the event link provided in your email to join the meeting.

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