• The Curious Lounge - find out more.....

    20 Tudor Rd

    We are hugely excited to share that in September 2019 a new hub will open in Reading town centre - The Curious Lounge. A place to listen, learn and meet. It will give our communities that much needed central space to truly connect up our eco-system. We will have awesome event space and a monthly event programme including skills training. Before we start the fit-out in July we'd love to share the vision and get your feedback.

  • The Curious Lounge - find out more.....

    20 Tudor Rd

    We are hugely excited to share that in September 2019 a new hub will open in Reading town centre - The Curious Lounge. A place to listen, learn and meet. It will give our communities that much needed central space to truly connect up our eco-system. We will have awesome event space and a monthly event programme including skills training. Before we start the fit-out in July we'd love to share the vision and get your feedback.

  • Data Science - defining future skills needs

    GROW @ Green Park

    Are you looking to hire data science skills now or in the future? We'd love you to join us to feed into the content that will be delivered from a new skills hub, The Curious Lounge, opening in Reading town centre in Autumn 2019. Our plan is to create new talent pools for local employers to help plug some of the skills gaps. It is however essential that employers feed into the content to ensure we are creating the right skill sets. If you are unable to make this session but have an interest in contributing to the conversation please email [masked]

  • Open Source AI Workshop

    University of Reading

    Register here - https://ossg.bcs.org/blog/event/open-source-ai-april-2019/ “Artificial intelligence will reach human levels by around 2029. Follow that out further to, say, 2045, we will have multiplied the intelligence, the human biological machine intelligence of our civilization a billion-fold.” — Ray Kurzweil Artificial intelligence promises to aid and augment humans in all facets of our life. As the decisions made by an intelligent system may have wide implications, ethical questions must be resolved as the technology development progresses. Open RD&E can help to increase the trust and reduce the risks. In this workshop, we have a twofold goal: bring together scientists, users, and vendors to talk about open source platforms and models for artificial intelligence. discuss socially relevant use cases and challenges and how they are addressed with AI. The full-day workshop is structured into two sections, a morning and afternoon workshop session that will be a deep dive into domain challenges, platforms, and approaches to tackle these issues. We will have enough time for discussions and networking between the peers. In the evening, we will follow the traditional BCS OSSG schedule that allows employees to participate: We will have a series of talks each followed by a short Q&A. Agenda A tentative agenda: 09:30 — Welcome coffee 09:45 — Welcome address — Julian Kunkel (University of Reading), Giuseppe Di Fatta (Head of Department, Department of Computer Science, University of Reading) Session: 10:00 — Using AWS Cloud for ML — Neil Mackin (Amazon) 10:30 — Open source ML toolkit RAPIDS — Miguel Martinez (NVIDIA) 11:00 — Machine Learning and Big Scientific Data — Jeyan Thiyagalingam (UKRI) 11:30 — From Academic Research into Open Source Products — Andy Hind (Oracle) 12:00 — Lunch Session: Applications and use cases for AI 13:00 — The importance of AI for high-performance I/O — Julian Kunkel (University of Reading) 13:30 — Machine Learning of I/O behavior — Eugen Betke (DKRZ) 14:00 — Integration of autonomous and human-driven cars — Ekene Ozioka (University of Reading) 14:30 — TBD 15:00 — Coffee Session: 15:30 — Deep learning in weather and climate — Peter Düben (ECMWF) 16:00 — TBD — Daniel Galea (University of Reading) 16:30 — Open source software for Deep Learning — Hhuizhi Liang (University of Reading) 17:00 — TBD 17:30 — Light dinner Session: A relaxing evening 18:30 — AI in Production: Challenges and how we made it work — Yingzhao Zhou (Oracle) 19:00 — TBD 19:30 — TBD 20:00 — Adjourn

  • Connect Talks - Self Drive & AI - Magic or Menance?

    Announcing our first two speakers for the next Connect Talks. This will be one not to miss and we will announce our third speaker soon. Secure your tickets here - https://www.connecttvt.co.uk/event/aimagicormenace/ Doors open 6.30 for drinks and food with talks kicking off promptly at 7pm. Ben Upcroft, VP of Technology at Oxbotica - on how things work at Oxbotica and how self drive will impact the world. Mark Purdy, Managing Director of economic research at Accenture Research. 'AI - Magic or Menace' Followed by a panel session with Ben and Mark hosted by Louize discussing the wider economic and jobs market impact etc. Followed by Q&A. Ben has extensive experience in perception systems for field robotics ranging from commercial passenger vehicles, all-terrain vehicles, draglines, haul trucks, underwater platforms, to unmanned aerial vehicles. He balances state of the art algorithms with real world system implementation to achieve intelligence in self-driving platforms - on and off road. Mark's research examines issues at the intersection of economics, technology and business. Recent projects have focused on Chinese productivity, emerging-market geographic strategy, inclusive economic growth, business futures and the economic impact of new technologies such as the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence. He is the co-author of Accenture’s latest study, “Why Artificial Intelligence is the future of growth”.

  • Building Data Science Teams & Scaling Data Science Processes

    We are delighted to announce our guest presenters David Asboth is a Data Scientist at Cox Automotive Data Solutions. He was originally a software developer for 6 years before deciding to change his career and did an MSc in Data Science to do so. His day job mostly involves creating value from messy and incomplete data. https://twitter.com/davidasboth David will be discussing; How we scale(d) our data science team • How did we find the optimum niche for a data science team within a traditional organisation? How might this niche differ depending on your organisation? • What is the role of a data scientist in such an environment? • What are the skills that make a good data scientist in this environment? Shaun McGirr is the Lead Data Scientist at Cox Automotive Data Solutions and has been working with data in one way or another for about 15 years. A 2016 PhD graduate from the University of Michigan, he spends most days developing new data products for the automotive industry. https://twitter.com/shaunmcgirr Shaun will be sharing; How we scale(d) our data science stack How do you separate R&D from production, to ensure both are done well? What kinds of tools are available for these two workflows, given none does both? How did we map from our requirements to our tool choices? Cox Automotive is the world’s largest automotive service organisation, and that means we can combine data from across the entire vehicle lifecycle. We are on a journey to turn this data into insights and want to share some of our experiences both in building up data science teams and scaling data science processes (from laptop to Hadoop cluster). Refreshments will be provided from 18.30 with talks starting at 19:00.

  • Data Science Thames Valley re-launch

    Reading Town Hall

    Join us for the re-launch of the Thames Valley Data Science. Data Ethics of AI and Machine Learning – Some Considerations for 2018 and beyond Ian Sharp - Lead Data Scientist at Oracle UK with many years experience helping customers realise the value of the data to organisations. As press spokesperson for AI, I am very interested in any ideas and discussions around the effective and ethical use of emerging AI, Deep and Machine Learning techniques. The presentation focuses on where we are at today, some successful and less successful use cases and what we can learn from both going forward in order to make the most of our technology. In addition to Oracle, Ian has worked for Microsoft and SPSS with a background in Mathematics. Data Ethics and Science in Digital Media and Personalisation. Our second speaker - John McConnell, MD of Analytical People, one of the UK's leading Data Science Boutique Consultancy. With many years of experience, John will he covering the impact, challenges and opportunities around data ethics and science in digital media and personalisation.

  • I'm a Big Data Game Changer Drop In

    Grow @Green Park a ConnectTVT Innovation Hub

    Come and learn about our Game Changers initiative. Could you be one? Do you know one? Just drop in anytime and talk to Louize. • The Fifty Game Changers is a collective of disruptive businesses, innovators and influencers, who are driving change across the Thames Valley • It’s part of ConnectTVT’s wider mission to connect the tech and digital dots. 50 Game Changers shines a light on the region’s success stories – from early stage start-ups to scale-ups. • A key goal is to re-focus attention back on the region as a leading tech and digital hub • The aim is to grow, support and nurture a community of innovators, collaborators and influencers to celebrate the region’s start-up and scale-up talent • The 50 Game Changers Almanac was launched in June 2016 as part of the Festival of Digital Disruption. We plan to do the same this year http://www.connecttvt.co.uk/gamechanger

  • Joining the dots - Christmas social!

    Public Reading


    Why have one group meet up when you can have seven! We will be bringing together the Tech & Digital communities across seven groups for a Christmas mash up event. The events including startups, freelancers, Big Data, 3D's - Design Disrupt Do, Google developers and a few more. Meet up, have a drink and meet someone new. Announcing our first speaker: Amanda Baker sharing her story…… I’ve been pedal to the metal since the age of 13 with no intention of stopping. EVER. I launched my first business in 2014 – it failed. But it’s ok. It taught me how to survive in a world OBSESSED with innovation & transformation. This failure gravitated me towards a brand strategy consultancy where I spent a year as a sponge. A pink sponge. That experience challenged the way I looked at the world. It made me see & look at businesses differently – cutting through the noise of disruption & innovation. It was a game-changing move in my life that made me feel like I could run any business in any professional space. So I tried it. I failed again. Shame. Anyway… I now think it’s a good time to share my ‘fuck ups’ with the world. Not in a negative way. But in a positive way. Without them, I wouldn’t have this story. Without them, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. Without them, I wouldn’t be thinking & planning, ‘WHAT’S NEXT?’.

  • Big Data Architecture Patterns on Google Cloud Platform

    Grow @Green Park a ConnectTVT Innovation Hub

    This is our second Big Data talk in September by a Googler. September is turning out to be our month of Big Data so don't miss out!! Reza Rokni is a Google Cloud Platform Solution Engineer "I have had a lot of fun in a lot of different roles from consulting, product management to my current and favorite role, solution engineer for Google's awesome Data & Analytics platform. My idea of a good day... is finding a simple solution to a complex problem, then tearing up the solution and finding something even simpler." Reza recently presented this talk at the Google Cloud Platform Big Data Bootcamp in London in July. He has very kindly agreed to take time out of his busy schedule to give us some insight into how enterprise end-to-end Big Data solutions are designed and created using the Google Cloud Platform toolset. He reviews some solutions including code snippets and gives a good feel for how to create pipelines using the DataFlow SDK. Cloud Dataflow is a fully managed service for developing and executing a wide range of data processing patterns including ETL, batch computation, and continuous computation. It is one of the key components of Googles Big Data Solution offerings. This is a great opportunity to see the GCP components at their best - processing huge amounts of data effortlessly with fully integrated tools. Reza designs and creates solutions so he can answer your questions and give practical insights/suggestions to problems you may be encountering. And if you don't know anything about this, you really can't afford to miss it!