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The mission of the Data Scientista Society is to educate women pursuing careers related to data science in techniques and competencies needed for career advancement and achieving leadership positions in the field. The modus operandi of the Data Scientista Society is to build relationships among co-located women enthusiastic about data, a.k.a data scientistas, while also practicing mutual supportiveness towards competency, success, and leadership. Visit www.datascientistasociety.org (http://www.datascientistasociety.org/).

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Crashing the Coding Interviews

Online event

How to crack the coding interviews?

Let Anna Nyulund introduce you to the world of coding interviews:

First and foremost, I love building data analytics and
machine learning applications that help people. I am
obsessed with digging into data and discovering difficult-to-find, nonlinear insights that bring clarity to chaos.
Data Science and Machine Learning Engineering are never-ending puzzles that I am passionately engaged in solving. I
believe in the power of data to transform and improve the
lives of people around the world.
I had a long journey in data science starting with complex
engineering data solutions in robotics, working with
business intelligence applications and fixing data streams
for these applications, progressing to using advanced
statistical methods as a Data Scientist, and finally evolving
into a full-scale Principal Data Scientist and Data Strategist.
Outside of my work, I work on developing natural language processing algorithms for legal document parsing and
attorney services ranking, visiting vegan restaurants, taking
care of my dogs, and completing home improvement
Join me for the evening of fun and I will teach you about Coding Interviews from my rich experience.

Book Club: Dataclysm (Online Group)

Online event

Our first online group book club! Join us for an evening of networking and book club discussion. It is okay if you haven't read the book or only made it through the first chapter - no judgment here! A summary of the book will be provided. This is an older book (published in 2014) so plenty of used book options and lots to discuss.

Book: Dataclysm by Christian Rudder

Where to find it: Thriftbooks.com or any local book retailer & Audible.com

Description: "Our personal data has been used to spy on us, hire and fire us, and sell us stuff we need. Christian Rudder uses it to show us who we truly are. Drawing on data from OkCupid, Good Facebook, and more, he reveals our public hopes and our private fears, our communication and our prejudices, our dreams and our desires. Dataclysm is a portrait of our essential selves."

Be sure to invite a friend to join you!

POSTPONED - Importance of Gender in Latin America by Ivana (Online Group)


We are honored to be hosting a speaker for this month's event. The topic will be about the importance of gender data in Latin America, how to address and mitigate gender bias in AI and Machine Learning, and why we need feminist AI. Read below to learn more about Ivana!

Ivana Feldfeber is a feminist activist from Buenos Aires, Argentina, currently based in Bariloche, Patagonia. Ivana holds two degrees in Education and Social Pedagogy, and she has a postgraduate diploma in Data Science, Machine Learning, and its Applications at the University of Córdoba, Argentina. She is a research fellow at the Center for Artificial Intelligence and Digital Policy. She is the General Director of the gender data observatory DataGénero. Founded by Ivana with a group of scientists and activists from different disciplines and countries, DataGénero is the first observatory of its kind in the region to work at the intersection of gender bias, gender data, and feminism. Representing DataGénero, Ivana has hosted and attended numerous events concerning data in Latin America.

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