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What is Data Scientists for Gender Diversity?

Data Scientists for Gender Diversity is a group for women, genderqueer, and non-binary individuals as well as allies who are interested in data science and achieving gender parity in the technology sector. Our missions is to work towards gender equality by: 1) increasing awareness of gender issues in technology and data science; 2) facilitating skill growth in an inclusive learning environment; and 3) empowering individuals to advocate for gender diversity in the workplace. Together we can push the cultural and technical boundaries of data science and transform the field.

Why do we need this group?

Despite recent advances in workplace gender equality, data science is still largely dominated by men. In 2016, women held 57% of jobs in the US, but only 26% of computing-related jobs. The statistics for women of color are even more discouraging, with only 5%, 3%, and 2% of computing jobs being held by Asian women, African American women, and Latinas, respectively [1]. The gender gap in technology in general is mirrored by the gender disparity in data science specifically. The O’Reilly’s 2016 Data Science Salary Survey [2] found that even after controlling for other factors (e.g., education, experience, specific skills, etc.), the median salaries of self-identified women were 10K less than men. Similarly, gender nonconforming individuals working in technology also report lower annual salaries [3]. The reasons underlying the gender gap in technology and in data science are complex; however, technology companies stand to gain more than just representativeness by bringing more women, transmen, genderqueer, non-binary, and intersex employees onboard. Having a more gender-balanced workplace is associated with better financial performance, higher productivity, and better risk management for technology companies [4], [5]. Data Scientists for Gender Diversity seeks to benefit individuals and the companies they work for by addressing the issues that contribute to gender disparity in data science.

Who should join this group?

This group is for individuals of all gender identities and backgrounds who have an interest in data science and advocacy for gender equality.

What if I’m not a gender minority?

We welcome and encourage the participation of allies! Please be mindful of your role in this group and make sure you are not dominating our conversations.

How do I get more involved?

We’re currently looking to build a leadership and planning team. If you are interested in being more involved in the group, please message Amy Winecoff on Meetup!

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