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This is a new group dedicated to Data Sciences, Statistical computing, Data Analytics, all NoSQL and big data technologies.

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PyData Ireland meets NXNWTech

Online event

nxnwtech is delighted to announce that in partnership with Python Ireland (Python Ireland + PyData Dublin) we have lined up some excellent tech content on the theme of Data Science for our third 'V' (Virtual) meetup. Per the agenda below we can promise a great set of speakers on the topic of "Data Science" including an introduction to Python Ireland. ===================================== 6.00pm - 7.00pm (Speakers) 1. nxnwtech V Intro 2. Python Ireland Intro 3. 'Is this the Best Feature Selection Algorithm “BorutaShap”?' Eoghan Keany - Data Scientist @ Pramerica "BorutaShap is a wrapper feature selection method which combines both the Boruta feature selection algorithm with shapley values. Eoghan will cover: • Introduction to new BorutaShap package • Its benefits and how to use it • How to publish your own Python code" 4. 'Categorical embeddings usage with structured data' Saurabh Goel - Data Scientist Manager @ Pramerica https://www.linkedin.com/in/saurabhgoel85/ "Dealing with categorical variables is always a challenge for machine learning problems. Categorical embeddings is one such way of handling those variables which preserves the unknown relationships within the various categories of the variable. Saurabh will cover: • How to train a categorical embedding • How to extract them • How to use them with typical structured data algorithms like XGBOOST." ================================== Python Ireland Python Ireland is a group for anyone interested in learning more about the Python programming language. They aim to hold a meetup every month on a variety of topics from Computer Science, finance, research, big data and more, with a focus on Python-related technologies. If you are interested in learning more please check out their website at http://python.ie/ (http://python.ie) or send an email to [masked] or find on twitter as @PythonIreland. https://www.meetup.com/pythonireland/ ===== ACCESS DETAILS ================= Join the event online by following the zoom link listed in the event location on July 9th @ 6.00. (Link will only be visible to members who RSVP)

JuliaCon 2020 - Virtual Conference

Online event

JuliaCon is going online this year, and has free registration! We've had almost 1,000 signups in the last few days. Register to make sure you don't miss the best technical computing conference of the year! http://juliacon.org/2020/ About Julia --------------- Julia is the fastest high-performance open source computing language for data, analytics, algorithmic trading, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and other scientific and numeric computing applications. Julia solves the two language problem by combining the ease of use of Python and R with the speed of C++. Julia works with GPUs, TPUs, multithreading and parallel processing to deliver seamless unlimited scalability from a single CPU to thousands of nodes, cores and threads in the public or private cloud. Julia has run at petascale on 9,300 Knights Landing (KNL) nodes with 650,000 cores and 1.3 million threads to analyze over 56 terabytes of data using Cori, one of the ten largest and most powerful supercomputers in the world. Julia has been downloaded more than 12 million times and is used at more than 1,500 universities. Julia co-creators are the winners of the 2019 James H. Wilkinson Prize for Numerical Software and the 2019 Sidney Fernbach Award. Registration ----------------- Attendance will be free, but registration will still be required to access the conference. Registration can be done on the Julia Con 2020 website, https://juliacon.org/2020/tickets/ Staying Informed ------------------------ To stay up to date with JuliaCon's announcements, please follow us on * LinkedIn (www.linkedin.com/company/teamjuliacon) * Twitter (www.twitter.com/JuliaConOrg) * Facebook (www.facebook.com/JuliaConOrg) Kindest Regards, The JuliaCon 2020 organizing committee

SatRDays West of Ireland

Limerick Strand Hotel

What, Where, When, How SatRDays are community-led, regional conferences to support collaboration, networking and innovation within the R community. There's a fantastic R community in the West of Ireland looking forward to attending inspiring R talks for an entire day. The main event is a conference on Saturday September 5th 2020. Details will be announced in the Spring of 2020. Tickets are just 40 euros for the main event. Please note that this event has a code of conduct

NUMFocus - Giving Tuesday
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