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#DataWeekender is a new online conference that first ran on Saturday 2nd May 2020, hosted by various professionals from around Europe.

Our orginal intention was to put on an online data platform conference for the community to fill that void left by the canceling of the in-person events due to Covid-19.

We have now decided to make this a regular event, and so we will return in Autumn 2020.

We operate a Anti-Harassment policy, details of which can be found at the following link.


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#DataWeekender #TheSQL - 17th Oct 2020

Online event

#DataWeekender is back for its second running on the 17th Oct 2020. Hosted by various data professionals, it is free to attend. Full schedule and speaker list will be on https://www.dataweekender.com This is a non-profit event. All of us involved with the event are doing this in our own free time. Our event organizers are below, and we can all be found on social media in various places. In addition, you can message us directly from this meetup page. Kevin Chant Gethyn Ellis Ásgeir Gunnarsson Mark Hayes Damir Matešić Magnus Ahlkvist In addition, this event follows our anti-harassment policy, details of which can be found here. https://www.meetup.com/Data-Community-Weekender-Europe/pages/30310995/CodeOfConduct/

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#DataWeekender - 2nd May 2020

Online event

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