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Databricks is a company founded by the original creators of Apache Spark™. This meetup is being formed in reaction to growing interest in products offered by Databricks and other related topics such as MLflow and migrations from Apache Hive to Spark SQL.

My colleagues and I implemented Azure Databricks at a client for the first time over a time period spanning 2018 and 2019. After carrying out the proof of concept and pilot phases of this work, we witnessed firsthand the power of the platform as we worked to build everything out, including the migration of production ML models and data.

I personally first heard about Databricks in August 2016 when attending an ML workshop in Chicago, as the speaker came from Databricks. My hope for this meetup is to further increase awareness of the product, while also realizing that this community may be relatively smaller than other Chicago area meetups.

Ideally, periodic meetup events will be hosted to discuss Databricks and other related products, but as this meetup just started I also realize that it is currently in an experimental state. An incubating state so to speak, to use Apache language. As such, other related meetups may be used as a springboard for this one.

This meetup is not sponsored by (or affiliated with) Databricks. Code of Conduct Guidelines for Databricks-related Fan Meetups or Events:

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