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Women in Geospatial Meetup: Geo-Coffee

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Shannon D.
Women in Geospatial Meetup: Geo-Coffee


In the industry tradition of using "geo" as a prefix for everything, who's up for geo-coffee? Let's meet up at Philz Coffee on Tuesday, March 5th in Davis at 6:30 pm.

As we're coming up on conference season, let's talk about what conferences you're planning on attending (or have attended or would like to attend someday) and good conference strategies. Bring your tips for presenting and networking!

We've been asked to try an after-work time slot to allow more people to attend. If you'd like to come, but this time slot is difficult for you, please leave a comment on our meetup site and we'll try to better accommodate the groups needs next time!

Davis Women in Geospatial Sciences is focused on gender equality in our industry. Genders of all descriptions are welcome at our meetups. Please join us and contribute your point of view.
Philz Coffee
521 2nd St · Davis, CA
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