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Brighton Lakes hike. Lakes Mary, Martha and Catherine !
I hiked this on July 1, 2018 and it is really beautiful! I realize the drive maybe a little farther for some, but this is worth it! The Brighton lakes take you into a high alpine environment complete with stream, lakes, flowers, and wonderful views. We will pass three lakes: Mary, Martha and Catherine. Know for its lush summer wildflowers this popular, family friendly hike is nice. We will be stopping at each lake. The altitude of this hike starts out a little higher than most live - 8,900 feet. So we will be taking our time when we start out going to Lake Mary. After the first 30 minutes you get use to the altitude. Some might wish to hike above lake Catherine to Catherine pass if they wish. This is a very popular, excellent hike and one of the most beautiful ones I have ever hiked. Also after the 3 lakes hike , People might wish to walk around Silver Lake afterwards. There is no altitude change at Silver Lake. Silver Lake is nearby where we park too. Distance: 4.4 miles total. (2.2 miles to Lake Catherine) Hiking time: About 2.5 hours Difficulty: Moderate Elevation gain: 1100 feet Dog not allowed. Note: Dogs not allowed due to watershed. Below is a really excellent YouTube video of this hike with drone air shots. I love this hike and wanted to share it with everyone! The drive up Big Cottonwood Canyon is nice too. I hope you will go. If you copy the title and put it into google, you will find more information.

Brighton Resort

8302 S Brighton Loop Rd · Brighton

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This hiking group is for people to enjoy hiking with friends. We hike in Davis, Weber, SLC and many more Counties. Most hikes will be easy to moderate and range from a 2-8 miles. You are responsible for you own safety. Since this hiking group is for people that enjoy hiking with friends, we are not in a rush to get the hike done but not taking forever either. People hike at different speeds. (costs to join is none, see below)

Often times a difficult hike can be changed into a enjoyable one just by slowing the pace some(but still not take all day). Difficult is defined as around 2000 elevation gain or more over 2.5 miles. Moderate is around 1000 feet in a few miles. The greater the distance, the less incline and easier the hike. The Mueller Park to Elephant Rock hike is and example of a Moderate hike as the altitude gain is 1244 feet in 3.4 miles one way. The Malan's Peak hike is an example of a difficult hike with an altitude gain of around 2000 feet in 2.5 miles one way. Many times, a group will break up into smaller groups with faster and slower paces. Go at your pace. You may also see biking and Kayaking listed. This group is not limited to hiking only.

Who is this group for ? Someone recently asked is it OK to bring his daughter?

This group is for singles, married, singles with children, families with children and all ages. When I joined this group in 2013, it was for everyone and included children on hikes. People have brought their children and hiked with them. I think it is wonderful for parents to hike with their children on Davis County meetup hikes.

Richard started this group in 2008 and has since moved on. He is still and an Event Organizer. Hiking with friends is a good way to become fit and stay healthy. If you would like to organize a specific hike, just ask. If you would like to become an Event Organizer, just ask. Please help make this a great hiking group.

Any fee to join the group? None. As of June 2018, a meetup group cost 90$ for 6 months. I am an Engineer. I do very well. Please, when meetup asks for money, don't give any. I don't need it! Additional hiking cost like entry to Antelope Island are paid for by you and me and are not a meetup cost. This meetup is paid for by me. I want to do it. Please don't donate. Thanks.

We hike more places than Davis County. Below is a link from Davis County on hikes.

Favorite Hiking Books: BEST HIKES Salt Lake City and Best Hikes Near Salt Lake City

By Lori J. Lee (Davis County hiking member)

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