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People interested in Day Trips/Culture and History.
I'm an established host on City Socializer,been hosting on there for circa 5 years.
I arrange Day Trips from London and other Cultural events within London.I've hosted over 100 events on City Socializer.
I'm very well organised and thoroughly research the city that I intend to visit.
My Day Trip socials/meet ups are 3 tier:sightseeing the tourist attractions forms the bulk of it,we also normally stop for lunch and wrap up with 1 or 2 drinks once the tourist attractions are closed,prior to returning to London.

I also host other cultural socials like visiting tourist attractions within London,going to the theatre.I normally,combine these events with food/drinks.

I sometimes host cinema socials and live sport.

Update from April 2018

These fees help to cover the expense of running the group on Meet Up and all the logistical work on my part in organising these events.

International Trips will cost a fee of £5.00

All my day trips outside of London will cost a fee of £3.00

All my London based events will cost a fee of £2.00

Payable in cash on the day.

Guests need to be prepared for the fact that there is a decent amount of walking on my outings,so you do need some physical conditioning and you need to be able to in essence keep up.


This is a photo of a blog written on City Socializer regarding my fantastic Day Trips:)


This blog was written a couple of years ago,when I had already organized about 20 day trips on CS.

Furthermore,guys/girls I do take a lot of pictures on my events of both the scenery,of myself and of the group.I then upload a selection to Meet Up and City Socializer.So if you are camera averse then my events are probably not the best place for you to be.

Members Aged 21-50

I've increased the upper age limit of my group to 50.Please do not embarass yourself by joining my group,if you do not meet the age criteria specified above,thanks.

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