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People interested in Day Trips/Culture and History.
I'm an established host on City Socializer,been hosting on there for circa 7 years.
I arrange Day Trips from London and other Cultural events within London.I've hosted over 170 events on City Socializer. I have also started to organise some of my own hikes and meet ups that combine sightseeing with hiking.
I'm very well organised and thoroughly research the city that I intend to visit.
My Day Trips largely consist of sightseeing tourist attractions/places of historical interest,walking and stopping for food,drinks or both.

I also host other cultural socials like visiting tourist attractions within London,going to the theatre,I normally,combine these events with food/drinks.

I sometimes host cinema socials and live sport.

Update from January 2019

Given that Meet Up charge me for running a group,there is an Organiser's Fee.The fee will vary depending on the event.My London events will be cheapest as they entail less Organizational work.Day Trips and International Day Trips and extended weekend breaks are more challenging to host and the fee will vary according to the amount of logistical work involved.

I have removed the age restriction from my group,all adult ages welcome that have at least a basic level of fitness.

Guests need to be prepared for the fact that there is a decent amount of walking on my outings,so you do need some physical conditioning and you need to be able to in essence keep up.

Having looked at other Meet Up groups there is a disclaimer about slips/trips and falls from hiking/walking,so I will Add mine in as well.

I take no responsibility/liability for anybody that accidentally injures themselves whilst on one of my events.Guests are responsible for paying attention to where they are walking themselves.Thanks:)


This is a photo of a blog written on City Socializer regarding my fantastic Day Trips:)


This blog was written about 5 years ago,when I had already organized about 20 day trips on CS.I have now hosted circa 60 day trips in England/Wales and France.

Furthermore,guys/girls I do take a lot of pictures on my events of both the scenery,of myself and of the group.I then upload a selection to Meet Up and City Socializer.So if you are camera averse then my events are probably not the best place for you to be.

To avoid me repeating the replies to some of the bizarre queries I have had on my day trips,I will cover some of them here.

Is a day trip just a one day event?Well let's see... a day trip will always be one day unless it's specified as being more than one 1 day,in which case it could be a weekend break:)I told this particular individual to google search the terminology day trip and they would have their answer.

Are you likely to be doing much walking on your day trips/can I wear heels? Yes/No. lol.

When will we be likely to be returning to London? There is no set time.My day trips are pretty much all day events,please be prepared to allocate the entire day,rather than a small portion of it.

Bringing a suitcase on 1 of my day trips or being busy in the train toilet when we have arrived at our destination station is not encouraged:)

If you are unable to attend one of my events,that you have signed up for-then that is fine but please have the decency to cancel/amend your rsvp to Not Going.

Those that No Show without cancelling their spot are at risk of being removed from the group.As are those that repeatedly cancel last minute or repeatedly ghost my events,without any intention of actually attending them.

Many thanks for your attention


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