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Check here for a continuous array of travel opportunities ranging from around the area to around the world. Our slogan is “If you’ve got a hobby we’ve got a tour” So, from dining to dancing, antiquing to sightseeing and tubing to touchdowns we can take you there. Whether you’re alone or part of a large group, And… whether it’s here or there from Brooksville to Bangkok join us for the ride. Club Mission Statement: To provide transportation and tours to interested participants regardless of age or mobility. To encourage cultural exchanges, education and entertainment through seminars and excursions. To promote world peace through traveling to other destinations and by learning about other people, heritages, lifestyles and hobbies both similar and different from our own. To gain insight and understanding about our environments through visiting parks and gardens. To socialize with other Bon Vivants who share the love of travel. To enjoy ourselves and the world which surrounds us and make the most of each day we live. To love, to learn and to live!!!! Choose the destination that peaks your interest! This group is designed for lovers of travel. Whether you're an armchair traveler or have circumnavigated the globe this group will satisfy your wanderlust with meetings, travelogues and 100's of travel events. Invite your friends and fellow travelers to dine at various restaurants which represent a travel region and cuisine such as Thai or New Orleans Cajun. Then join us for a trip featuring meals at beautiful settings like Chalet Suzanne, Ivy House, Stumpknockers or the Colombia in Ybor City and have a Bon Voyage.

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Wild Florida Drive Safari

Red Ginger

Payment is required to confirm. call[masked] to make arrangements. Wild Florida Thursday 10/ 29th Ready for your wildest road trip yet? Buckle up and take a road trip through our Drive-thru Safari Park where you can see more than 150 exotic and native animals roaming freely. In addition to exploring our drive thru safari, there are also a variety of animal encounters and experiences you will enjoy. From feeding to painting with the tallest living animals on Earth, this adventure will definitely reach new heights. To make your adventure truly one to remember, admission to our Gator Park is included in all of our Drive-thru Safari Park experiences. Meaning… you can truly walk on the wild side during your visit. Florida is full of wild animals, but there are a few new wild ones you've probably never seen before. While you might have expected to see alligators touring the Sunshine State buckle-up for a truly wild ride. Cruise through our Drive-thru Safari Park that will take you from the grasslands of North America to the Plains of Africa. 1. Mouflon Sheep Mouflon sheep are a species known as one of the two original ancestors of modern-day sheep. They are native to Asia and Europe where they occupy open forest areas on steep mountainsides. Test your knowledge along the trail and sort out the males and females! Male mouflon sheep have large horns of a sickle shape while females have much smaller and shorter horns. 2. Water Buffalo Did you know that water buffaloes are herbivores and feed mainly on grass, herbs, and other vegetation throughout waterways? Since they spend the majority of their time submerged in water, aquatic plants make up most of their diet. As a result, their presence in a habitat solely depends on freshwater availability. 3. Zebra Each individual zebra has a unique black and white striped coat that makes them easy to spot as you drive through our animal park. In addition to the dazzling effect their beautiful stripes create, they also provide a very practical service to the animal. Air moves at different speeds over light-absorbing black stripes and light-reflecting white stripes, so the zebra actually creates its own cooling air currents simply by having stripes. 4. Scimitar Oryx Originating from Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, the scimitar oryx is Earth’s closest thing to a unicorn! The Egyptians used to bind their horns together to make it appear that they had one, and over time, the herd’s horns fused together! Though our scimitar oryx have two separate horns, visiting these exotic mammals is sure to create a magical experience for you! 5. Bison They are North America’s largest land animal weighing between 1,000 to 2,000 pounds! 6. Kudu Did you know that the kudu is one of the loudest breeds of antelopes? 7. Eland Have you ever heard of ruminant animals? Similar to cows, sheep, and goats, elands have a digestive system much more diverse than ours. 8. Llama Their fluffy and cuddly appearance is often deceiving as llamas are excellent guards for herds of small animals. 9. Reticulated Giraffe Seeing these exotic animals and more will be the highlight of your day but your adventure doesn’t have to stop there. From exploring the Florida Everglades, getting wild during one of our animal encounters, and discovering new animals in our Gator Park, we’ll be your wildest adventure yet. At Wild Florida, we have an on-site restaurant where you can dine during your visit. If you’re curious to try a taste of the swamp, stop by the Chomp House Grill. Whether cooling off with our signature Swamp Slushy or chowing down on some of the best barbecue around, a visit to Wild Florida isn’t complete until you’ve had a treat from our restaurant. Members $65 Guests $70 includes Transportation, Safari and Gator Park Leave Suntree Red Ginger 8:45am Satellite Beach Schechter Recreation Center 9:05am with an afternoon return. ________________________________________

Happy Hour at World of Beer Viera

World of Beer

Friday, October 30, 5 pm to 7 pm Happy Hour at World of Beer Viera 2290 Town Center Avenue, Melbourne, FL 32940

Lost Souls Haunted Attraction, Friday, Oct.30, 8 pm to 10 pm

89 NW Shannon Ave

Lost Souls Haunted Attraction, Friday, Oct.30, 8 pm to 10 pm 89 NW Shannon Avenue, West Melbourne, FL 32904 (residence) Hosted by Charles & Lissa Knight of Rockstar Entertainment LLC. https://www.facebook.com/rockstarentertainmentfla/ Hands down, this is the best haunted attraction in central Brevard! I highly recommend it to anyone who loves Halloween! It is centrally located off US 192 just east the Melbourne Mall. $7 per person. Recommend that you park at the Melbourne Mall and carpool as parking on the street is tight. I will be at the entrance by 8 pm. [masked][masked]

Dayaway Cruiseaway Travel Club Monthly Meetup & Optional Lunch Afterward

Our Travel Club meetings are the perfect opportunity to meet other like minded travelers. We discuss our past and future trips while distributing a travel calendar of events. We sometimes have guest speakers from related topics such as nutrition while traveling, travel photography or a cruise company sales representative. Film and picture exchanges are always welcome. Present Travel by Design “Dayaways” and “Mini Vacations” “If you’ve got a hobby we’ve got a tour” This is a revised work in progress with constant additions!!! The Next Travel Club Meeting is Wednesday, February 5 @ 10 am in the Satellite Beach Pelican Park Clubhouse Located at 1495 A1A. Travel Club Meetings now feature information about past and future destinations. After the meeting some of us go out to Luncheon at a Restaurant TBA. The Travel Desk is open Mondays from 11am to noon Freedom 7 Cocoa Beach Country Club. Travel Club benefit: Free door to door airport and cruise port transportation with individual non-group vacations or cruises of 7 days or longer booked through the club! (Groups usually choose one location for transfers) Free travel consulting by CTC (Certified Travel Counselor) And Cruise, Tour and Vacation Discounts available to club members! Transportation is by Van or Motorcoach according to group size! Groups of 10 to 12 can order their own pick up spot or even their own Van tour departure. Handicapped and Impaired Travelers are welcome aboard! Congratulations! Today is your day. You're off to Great Places! You're off and away! By Dr. Seuss http://www.slideshare.net/Floridagreeters Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FloridaGreetersl www.youtube.com/dayawaytravel Blog: http://travelinmanandmadhatter.blogspot.com

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