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You're not alone! Whether it's a winter power outage, a car accident right before our eyes, a tornado or flood, an economic downturn, or even a full-on "grid down collapse" -- it can feel lonely and isolating to see how fragile the world can be. Trust us when we say there are plenty of other people who share the same hobby as you do: preparing! If you prepare for life's emergencies, big or small, you've found the right group.

Similar to CERT teams, Boy Scouts, EMS personnel and others, we are a group of people who have the equipment to respond to crisis and we study the ways to use that equipment effectively. We empower ourselves as "first responders" for friends, family, and strangers as usually average citizens are the ones who are at the site when a problem occurs.

Preparedness doesn't have to be a gloomy hobby! Most of us are into camping, hiking, and the outdoors as well, so we get to use our equipment for double duty. We live normal, happy lives and engage in recreation. . .it just so happens that often times this recreation coincides with pracitcing skills which would be useful during abnormal circumstances.

We focus on:

• Survival skills

• Disaster response tools

• Training classes

• Camping and hiking

• HAM radio

• Long term survival

• Tactical and field gear

• Alternative energy

• Self-sufficiency and gardening

Lots of our meet ups will be class room type instruction -- Edible Ohio Plants is hugely successful -- some classes are free, some have a fee, but every Meetup gives members an opportunity to network locally in Dayton, Ohio.

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