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Political Video Review and Discussion Time
Talk about youtube political vids that talk about things the media is hiding from the public

Needs a location

What we're about

This is a group for people that like to study things in depth which takes many hours about things thats going on politicaly in the usa.

Also there is many facts behing hidden by the media and our colleges because they don't want people to know about them.

I have over 7000 hours studying politics, not joking , over past 7 years or so. So if you like to learn we can talk sometime, Pm me.

I like to show people videos and other things about subjects are being censored and banned and hidden by the media and colleges esp on issues like race and diversity.

I would also like to start a youtube channel and start posting videos about current events and other political stuff. If you might like to do something like that also Pm and we can hang out and do that sometime maybe.

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