What we're about

Why should we do this?

Because the time is right... the time is NOW!

Who is welcome?

Anyone who feels we should have a greater human presence in space from low earth orbit, to the moon and beyond...

Anyone who believes NASA and a handful of private firms should not have the only means of access to space...

Anyone who feels the cost of launching payloads (equipment and people) should be far less than $10,000 a pound...

Anyone who feels we have the technology to make going into space and returning to Earth safer...

Anyone who feels the future is running late and we need to catch-up...

Anyone who is not satisfied with our meager efforts in space.

Anyone who yearns for a new human destiny, out among the stars, adventure, excitement and the thrill of discovery... For what we find and learn out there will make life on earth better, longer and more fulfilling.

Are you anyone... of the above?

This Meet Up Group is created for those It is created so we can explore ways to move humanity above the clouds and beyond.

Open minds are welcome too!

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Return to the bold visions of JFK and Wernher Von Braun
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

Let's meet to map out a plan of action. Determine how we can proceed, who we should invite and what the Dayton School of Astronautics should look like, its mission, its goals and objectives. I want to get into space myself before I die and my time in this life is not infinite. Besides what better way to save the planet then to get more humans in space where they can find new ways to give each man and woman hope for a better future... the days ahead worth living for?

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First Meetup

Dayton Metro Library - Kettering-Moraine Branch

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