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Do you love watching real murder mystery shows? When you meet new people and they ask what your hobby is, do you have a hard time explaining crime...but studying it not committing it? Do you love everything criminal justice, criminal law, and criminal procedure? Do you watch Dateline, 48 Hours, Investigation Discovery, and everything true crime wherever you can find it? Have you been to CrimeCon or do you want to go to CrimeCon? If you can answer yes to any of the above, then this is the group for you! My passion in life is anything true crime related and I often find there are not many who are also interested in this, but they are out there! We will plan some meetups and discuss solved or unsolved cases, go to murder mystery dinners, watch documentaries, or any other true crime related activity!

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The American Terrorist

The Dayton Club

We will be attending a free presentation where terrorism experts will speak. They will be serving some appetizers. Nationally Recognized Terrorist Expert Dr. Terry Oroszi and coauthor, Dr. David Ellis, will be speaking on American terrorism. They will share an 8-marker profile for detecting a potential extremist, identify patterns from the 4-year study of American citizen terrorists, and tell you why Ohioans need to be more diligent than others. They will explain why some criminals are labeled as terrorists, but others are not, discuss the attributes of 500+ American citizens charged with acts related to terrorism, and share an 8-marker profile of an American terrorist, and much more. This event is free, but you must register here on EventBrite in order to attend. Still RSVP here so I know you are coming, but also make sure to sign up on EventBrite. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-american-terrorist-tickets-57638417057?utm-medium=discovery&utm-campaign=social&utm-content=attendeeshare&aff=esfb&utm-source=fb&utm-term=listing&fbclid=IwAR12MA90PgI7AuP-N1VPrd-20NPxELcrbm7VGs87yWwVcvzGQkzLeE-PtUU Location: The Dayton Club is located on the 29th floor in the Kettering Tower - the highest floor in the tallest building in all of Dayton. Parking: Parking is free in their parking garage. Directions: In terms of how to go get there, you will want to be on East Third Street down town, and then turn onto North Jefferson Street, which is a one way road. You will want to be in the left hand lane on North Jefferson and then turn left into the 8 story parking garage on the left, which is before the Kettering Tower. Once there, press the button for a ticket, the gate will raise, and drive in. Park in any spot that is not reserved. Once on your floor (remember which floor you parked on), walk towards the glass door with elevators inside. Take your ticket with you, to be validated once inside. Ignore the signs that say to pay for parking in the lobby. Go on the elevator and take it to the main floor. Once inside, turn left and left. You will see tables and chairs and a TV talking. You are in the lobby of the Kettering Tower. Keep going left/straight to look for the elevators and take the second set up to the 29th floor, which the button will say RC on. Once up, turn left and you will see the main desk of the Dayton Club. Give your ticket to the person at the desk and they will validate it for free parking. Hold on to for when leaving for the night. Reverse the directions to get back to your car. Once leaving the parking garage, just hold your ticket in front of the "lasers" and it will let you out. Turn left as one way street and be on your way!

CrimeCon 2019

Hilton New Orleans Riverside

Who wants to go to CrimeCon this year? I've been in 2017 in Indianapolis and in 2018 in Nashville and both were great experiences. In 2019 is it from June 7-9 in New Orleans. I have tickets already booked for my mom and I and we will have our own hotel room. We purchased the Gold VIP tickets. One other person in the group is going and some are considering. If you love true crime, you will be enthralled with the events and speakers of this weekend. Legit true crime people will be there and you get to meet, interact, and take photos with them. I met everyone from Dateline, Erin Moriarty from 48 Hours, F. Lee Bailey - OJ's attorney, Jim Fitzgerald - who solved Unabomber case, Nancy Grace, and so many more people from TV shows and podcasts. Check out their website to get a feel for who else they've had and how it works. This is not an academic conference, although the topics aer serious in nature, but I say that cause it is meant for lay people and you do not have to get dressed up. I actually have crime T-shirts with cute sayings so you guys could order them as well. https://www.crimecon.com/ You don't have to book Gold VIP, but that gives you more perks and activities to do like front row seating in every session and other sessions/dinners the others don't get to do. Feel free to book the ticket you'd like but know three of us are doing Gold VIP so we wouldn't be together the whole day - not that we would be anyway cause there are many sessions every hour and you can pick what you want to do. If you do go, we can coordinate flights, carpooling, or hotel rooms for everyone else if you are open to sharing. Feel free to ask me any questions.

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Murder Mystery Dinner!

Spaghetti Warehouse

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