What we're about

This group is dedicated to students of Value Investing in the tradition of Graham and Dodd's "The Intelligent Investor" and "Security Analysis". Briefly, Value Investing is about buying assets at a fraction of their intrinsic value. Warren Buffett, Marty Whitman, or Seth Klarman are often named as prominent value investors.

For each meeting we'll find a nice place to hang out here in HK (we're spoilt for choice) and share ideas and experiences.

- Discuss relevant books and articles;

- Read a shareholder letter from a famed value investor;

- Analyze together annual reports from your favorite companies;

- Enlighten the rest of us on an industry or specialized topic within your "circle of competence";

- Practice with case studies and "what-if" scenarios;

- Discuss new ideas and businesses you have been studying.

Important Notes:

- No one, in whatever capacity, shall give any kind of investment advice or recommendations at our meetings. As a corollary of this, nothing you hear at these meetings shall ever be constructed as being investment advice.

- No selling is allowed. If you are a professional, please kindly leave the rolodex at the office.

- Our focus is on sharing, learning and meeting like-minded people, while encouraging independent thinking. The Hong Kong Public Library system offers many useful resources if you are just starting out. We'd suggest "The Intelligent Investor" by Benjamin Graham or an anthology of Warren Buffett's Letters.

- We have nothing against casual investors, speculators, momentum traders and true believers in EMH (in fact, we like them very much). However, we'd like to keep our group small and focused. There are other meetups in HK that cater for people with a more general interest in investing, and you may have more fun there.

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Berkshire Hathaway - debrief

Dayton Mall Panera Bread

Idea Night

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Idea Night

Dayton Mall Panera Bread

Idea Night

Dayton Mall Panera Bread

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