Google Analytics is just the beginning - Nathan Driver


Google Analytics (GA) is good but it is only the beginning. Nathan Driver will speak on how to utilize the full reports by enabling demographics, creating custom goals, and connecting with Google Search Console (GSC). Then integrating Google Tag Managing (GTM) for special event tracking. Last but not least by putting it altogether in Google Data Studio for reporting.

Nathan will be demonstrating this process using a live site ( he has been testing with. In order to do live testing and reporting for the group it would be appreciated if you could take 90 seconds to click around on the site: Chess Club USA ( By doing so he will show you what data is collected by Google Analytics, custom events set up with Google Tag Manager and ultimately reporting in Google Data Studio.

A little background on Nathan. He is currently the Digital Marketing Specialist for Civista Bank, a community bank that has locations throughout Ohio. He has previously worked for WDTN/Dayton's CW. He has been working with WordPress and SEO since 2007/2008 and spoken at numerous WordPress events.