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Join fellow web developers as we learn and discuss all things web. This is a general meetup that covers a variety of topics across the web application stack. It is intended for professional or aspiring web professionals to discuss technical topics related to the trade. So if you enjoy learning from others and talking shop this is the place for you.

Engage with us via our Volusia County Coders Slack community. Contact one of the group organizers to request an invite or email us at daytonadevs@gmail.com.

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So you want to know what this will cost

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Join us as Christy Sherman shares her workshop from this year's Agile and Beyond conference.

Are we still chanting, "No estimates!"? So much time estimating is wasted, especially if you are estimating with the goal of gaining approval to proceed. It's ideal for teams to focus on estimating at the right time, but sometimes you still need to answer the question, "How much will this cost?" This session will teach you how to guide a team through a set of exercises to speedily consider just enough information to satiate the bean counters and decision makers. This is a hands-on workshop with a card sort, sticky notes, voting, and assumptions - tools with which we are all familiar, but in an approach that has helped our company answer that very question for our clients. Speed up your dollars estimates without completely frustrating your team!

About Christy
Christy is responsible for Agile transformation and delivering value to Marketing Services programs that span digital, call center, warehouse, and custom print programs. In a BPO environment, she bridges the gap in communication between being economically successful, building the right product, and making each person's life better. She teaches business partners and teams how to solve problems by inspecting and adapting, iterative estimation, and relentless retrospectives from a humanistic perspective. A product can't be successful unless the people designing, building, and maintaining it are seen as whole people, and respected for their intrinsic value.

Why Don't They Try My Ideas?

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Join us as Tom Bellinson reprises his Agile & Beyond 2022 conference session with our user group!

We all have ideas, but some people are better at getting theirs implemented. What is it that allows those people to move people to action, while others struggle to do so? This is not an innate ability. It is a learned skill which, with practice, can be enhanced. In this session, you will learn some of the techniques used by people who are successful at influencing others to take action.

Topics to be discussed/objectives:

  • Establishing the other party’s win
  • Techniques for sizing up a person’s working style
  • Using questions to overcome resistance
  • Some common negotiating tactics - how to use them and what to do if they’re used on you

Speaker: Tom Bellinson, Agile Coach, Ithaka

Tom has been on the cutting edge of the computer revolution since the Apple ][. He installed some of the first LANs in Michigan, work for a pioneering groupware company, and started one of the first internet companies in Michigan. Now, he's expanding the reaches of agility throughout his organization. Along the way, he has held just about every job imaginable in the computer industry.

Feelings - The unexpected metric

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What if you could get an early signal that your next release was going to have more bugs than usual or that your throughput was about to take a hit? In 2014, our team at Groupon stumbled upon a way to do just that. Looking for ways to measure employee satisfaction, we discovered a metric that appeared to be a leading indicator for bugs and throughput issues. Come learn more about what we found and how you can do the same within your organization.

We are pleased to welcome Doc Norton as our October speaker.
Doc Norton is co-founder of OnBelay Consulting and is passionate about working with teams to improve delivery and building great organizations. Working with a wide range of companies such as Groupon, Nationwide Insurance, and Belly, Doc has applied tenants of agile, lean, systems thinking, and servant leadership to develop highly effective cultures and drastically improve their ability to deliver valuable software and products. A Pluralsight Author, Clean Coders contributor, frequent blogger, international keynote speaker, and coach, Doc is also the author of "Escape Velocity: Better Metrics for Agile Teams."

Building a well oiled {remote} delivery machine: The WFH / WTF edition!

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Are you tired of milestone driven development in a feature factory!? Are you frustrated when you work hard only to see your feature not get released? Or worse... know it’s the wrong thing to build but be forced to build it anyway?

Come join us and as we incorporate our learning from years in the industry as well as the past few years in lockdown!
Whether you are the newest member or the team veteran. No matter which role you play you can add tremendous value to your team by applying elements learned in this session!

From remote mobbing to all-in-one product teams, end-to-end features to continuous deployments, rapid feedback to increasing visibility, you too can reap the benefits of increasing collaboration, including using new and improved tools (thanks Covid)! Learn to identify key attributes of collaboration in order to inspire your team!
Join Chris O'Connor as he describes the experiences he has found to work effectively with his teams. The practices, processes, and principles that have brought him positive results through improved interaction within the team and beyond.

Chris will share the team prerequisites, necessary infrastructure, and appropriate mindset needed to apply these same concepts to your own teams. He will highlight the benefits: to the business, to the project, and most importantly, to the people!

This session will be a mix of existing practices along with new insights into the remote and hybrid work worlds we live in today!

This session was previously presented at Agile & Beyond, May 2022, in Detroit, MI. This is a unique opportunity to catch this session, whether or not you were able to attend Agile & Beyond.

Chris would like to say this about himself:
After a typically overwhelming experience in game development, I sought out ways to make developing software better. I was lucky to join a group of folks that had been associated with the Chrysler C3 project and were on a similar path. They leveraged Extreme Programming and in working with them I found my niche. Since then I've applied philosophies from XP, Agile, Lean, and other methodologies to help teams develop better software for many domains including DNA matching, automotive, social science data collection, publishing, and financial sector messaging platforms. I'm currently providing value for teams through continuous learning and helping others be even more awesome, all while building valuable software.

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