What we're about

Hello everyone! First and foremost, we accept and love everyone in all forms shapes sizes, disabilities, intellectually and developmentally disabled, backgrounds, sexuality, religious views, and personalities. We may not agree with everything, but communication, respect, honor, and friendliness is a must.

We are a very active activity group, we bar crawl, we fish, we ski, we dance, we are people, we do everything!

With that said; Our site is a Meetup for people interested in Anime/Manga, Anime and Cosplay, Anime, Video Games, Fun Times, Social Networking, Console Gaming, Board Gaming, Card Games, Movies, Bowling, Concerts, and Local Events, Xbox 360, LAN Party, Xbox One, Magic the Gathering, PlayStation… and much more. We are all about the social side of fun things we enjoy doing, from cosplay to playing video games, watching movies, Anime, comics, and whatever may interest you. If you share an interest come join, let's make new friends and have fun! If you want to be an event organizer please chat with KAK.

When we have our game nights it ranges from Beer pong,, pool, bowling, darts, video games, board games

Games: Friday the 13th,Warframe, Gears of War, Halo 4, You don't Know Jack, Rock Band 3, LIPS, Fibbage XL, Drawful, Word Spud, Lie Swatter, Cards Against Humanity, Poker........ and so on

Festivals and concerts.

We like to go out as well to restaurants and some places to catch a drink or two in groups.

We enjoy Comic and Anime Conventions in groups.

Airsoft is another thing we are into.

We love to go to the theaters and such in groups to watch movies.

Also when we have major gaming events at our house we have these following separate areas for the different gaming events, sometimes all at once.

• dining area has pool table/air hockey game and a dart board

• kitchen has dining room table for cards against humanity and such

• garage has beer pong

• Rock band room has Rockband 3 and Lips

• Game room has of course a crap load of tv's monitors for video games via lan parties

• Theater room also for fighting games, singing games, rock-band games, and movies of course

• living room has Fibbage XL, Drawful, Word Spud, Lie Swatter, and You Don't Know Jack

• Card or Board Game area as well

Upcoming events (4+)

Thirsty Thursday El Toro

El Toro Restaurant

1$ draft domestic beers and good Mexican food. Come join us.

Dune the movie 2021 at Keith's place

Needs a location

HBO has it still, we will be watching this on the release date.

Magic The Gathering Night #

My house!

If you don't know how to play come and learn. We have plenty of Pre Made card decks to play with, no need for purchasing cards.

We play all types of games doing the Kitchen style games to make it more even out. If you don't know how to play come and learn.

---------- Global house rules: 1 Free mulligan (Commander/Brawl only). No cards banned in their sanctioned formats. 50 min round time; stalling is not a win condition.

---------- Formats: [Casual-24]. Constructed. Minimum 60 cards in a deck. For a balancing mechanism, cares will be limited according to a point system. A deck can have a maximum of 24 points. Most decks legal under the previous ruleset will still be legal. This allows more customization as having less uncommons will allow for more rares, and vica versa.

Loaner Decks: Available

Modern, EDH, Standard, Tiny Leaders, Pauper: Commonly known, sanctioned formats. Google these. Pauper and EDH are most commonly played. Also EDH Casual.

Budget Casual Commander Format EDH - This format is to go against low budget decks and Precon commander decks.

So here we start the basic ruleset. This is a format for those who invest in pre-con commanders as well. With all the arguments down for what is casual and what is not. We found something that, though not perfect, seems to work right now for this system. This is a low-end format designed to let the low budget decks and people who can’t afford competitive play to play and have fun. Also, test your deck-building skills with a limit on what you can use. Manastack is the site I use to build my decks and keep track of the prices. https://manastack.com/home Then use it for pricing, https://www.cardkingdom.com/ , they do free shipping on 35$ and up so this saves on the price. Also support these sites as they contribute to a lot of our resources. This is a fluctuating format, prices go up and down. For the most part, these cards remain pretty low when they get to the lows they are. So we suggest keeping an inventory sheet of the decks, this helps out tremendously.

50$ price set. This total includes everything but the basic land. The reason, less to worry about in the price and better visual on paper if you choose to keep track of your deck. For example, you could have the choice of having a 50$ deck with a 20$ commander, and the rest of your cards need to equal up to 30$. The price is done by simulating an order online. Not to exceed the 50$ price limit. Use the price of cards in Card Kingdom if you use TCGplayer take $20.00 off of the shipping to give you leeway on the pricing. So that is $70.00 with the shipping included.

We follow the ban list used for commander. Here are the rules and current ban list up to date. https://magic.wizards.com/en/content/commander-format (THIS IS SET IN STONE NO ARGUMENTS) Unless wizards break MTG completely.

Untouched Pre-Con store-purchased EDH decks will fall into the category of budget casual, though they may be powerful, they usually fall into the category in price. So this is set in stone as a group decision.

Silver border unset cards if used must be approved by people you are playing with. In other words, let the people know you are playing with them, then they decide if they are willing to go against them. Otherwise, unset cards are not a part of the game set. (My Little Pony) is an accepted unset commander deck. Just FYI. All 3 ponies are not bad and do decent as an EDH deck.

Also further note, the casual commander is maxed at the monetary value of anything 399$.

If you play with proxy cards let everyone know your intent. If you are testing a deck before you buy, we are cool with that. On that note, if it is a deck you own and you intend on using the deck you must own the originals and the proxies will be accepted. This maintains the integrity of the game.

SouthBrook Church services

SouthBrook Christian Church

Hello and welcome everyone, I try and go to services at 9:30am or the 11:00am. If anyone wants to go just let me know it's just me. It is a Christian church, but it's pretty much non denomination. Bring anyone you want.


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