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Meetups in LA for everyone interested in decentralized finance (DeFi).

The intention of this meet up is to grow the DeFi community and to help promote the future of decentralized finance. Presenters will range from DeFi startup founders to traditional financiers and everything in between. Members of the Ethereum community and blockchains in general will be in attendance.. The events will consist of listening to speakers discuss the current state of DeFi on Ethereum and provide updates on their Dapps.

There will be no selling or marketing of goods, services, events, or event spaces. This is a purely informational Meetup with likeminded people!

Some DeFi companies for reference:

MakerDAO (https://makerdao.com/) — a decentralized system that allows users to collateralize crypto-assets to create the DAI stablecoin.

dy/dx (https://dydx.exchange/) — a decentralized protocol for margin trading and derivatives on the Ethereum blockchain. Check out their recently launched product, Expo (https://www.expotrading.com/)!

Compound (https://compound.finance/) — a decentralized protocol for money markets on the Ethereum blockchain. Users can lend their crypto assets for algorithmically set interest rates.

CDx (https://cdxproject.com/) — a decentralized protocol for tokenized credit default swaps. Investors can hedge exchange risk, insure against hacks, and trade with confidence.

Coinbase Wallet (https://wallet.coinbase.com/) — a mobile application that allows anyone with an internet connection to access the Ethereum network.

Kyber Network (https://kyber.network/) — an on-chain liquidity protocol that allows any application to access decentralized token swaps.

bZx (https://b0x.network/) — a decentralized protocol that allows users to take long and short positions on Ethereum tokens. bZx is live on BambooRelay (http://bamboorelay.com/).

MARKET Protocol (https://marketprotocol.io/) — a derivatives protocol that allows users to buy or sell the price of any asset, for example, shorting XRP or going long Apple stock.

8 (https://8xprotocol.com/)x Protocol (https://8xprotocol.com/) — a decentralized protocol for subscription payments on the Ethereum blockchain.

C (http://www.centrifuge.io/)entrifuge (http://www.centrifuge.io/) — a decentralized operating system that allows businesses to transact on a global network while maintaining ownership of their data.

Connex (https://connext.network/)t — a state channel network that enables cheap, low latency payments on Ethereum and makes it easy for developers to build P2P applications.

Loopring (https://loopring.org/) — a protocol that allows anyone to build a decentralized exchange.

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