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World of Darkness: Zombieland
The world has turned to hell and the dead walk, run, and move in other scary ways as they seek living flesh to eat. The survivors in this new world hide, run and seek whatever supplies they can to live another day. A small portion of the World's military still fights and tries to keep something of the old world alive. Welcome to Zombieland, where when you die, you come back and seek warm flesh to fill you. This is an adult themed game, only 18+ will be allowed to play. Game for new and existing players. Come down for some roleplaying and fun. The undead rise and walk the Earth. The Dead Gamers Society brings you a classic tale survival of animated corpses and shotguns.

Pat Perras' home in Brea

address to be emailed to you. · Brea, CA

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The World of Darkness beckons. A world of shadow and mystery. A world of secrets and conspiracy. A world of dimming hope and fear. A World of Darkness.

Meet other fans of White Wolf's World of Darkness series of games. If you enjoy Vampire the Requiem, Werewolf the Forsaken, Mage the Awakening, Promethean the Created, Changeling the Lost, Hunter the Vigil or Geist the Sin-Eaters, this Meetup is for you.

Look for other players to join you group, start a new group or just share tales of your time in the World of Darkness.

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