All The Dark Places


Welcome to All the Dark Places -- a World of Darkness Chronicle for Changeling: The Lost.

The year is 2018. The place is Orange County, California. You are part of a unique and secret Changeling Freehold whose purpose is to protect all the Changelings living in Southern California from Fae intrigue, loyalists, privateers, or Supernaturals, and anyone else who might endanger the Changeling community.

You are empowered by the Freeholds and the Courts of the land to act as agents, providing aid and handing out harsh warnings and severe punishments when needed. It's not a fun job, although at times it is quite exciting (usually in all the wrong ways). The assignments you take -- and their successful resolution -- define your status and reputation among the various Freeholds and Courts not only in Southern California but also beyond.

Your Freehold has but seventeen members -- including the current leader. All seventeen of you are agents; however, you have found that your Motley works best when working alone. After all, you each have the same desire to "do it right", although your motivations are diverse... and often disturbing.

All the Dark Places is currently in Season #2 and occurs every fourth Sunday of the month, running from 11am to 2pm(ish) at either the Pat Perras' Home or Phil McCrum's home.

There is a waiting list. Please contact me if you have questions.