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Agile Transformation Journey is like walking on Tight Rope. Everyone in the organization is involved in it in one way or the other. There are confusions on what the new roles are, why are we going Agile and what do we really want to achieve.

There are questions that bother most - Will I fit into the new environment or will I become redundant ? How will I be able to adjust ? What do I need to do to excel ?

There is too much information out there and most of us don't know how to use that information and make effective decisions for oneself.

This meetup will help you cut the clutter, decipher the code, empower you with knowledge and help you become successful.

Whether you are looking to upgrade yourself to get into an AGILE environment (as part of professional growth) or you have become part of Agile Transformation (since your company decided to bite the bullet) and you want to learn how you will be successful in new environment, this meetup will help you.

The topics of discussion will be of interest to newbies as well as experienced Agilists.

Bring in your experience, questions, concerns and above all your presence to this group.

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