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DEATH CAFE NYC: Wed, Nov. 14 at Tagine
FREE with $15.00 suggested donation: a vegetarian Moroccan menu served family-style, gratuity included. Please bring exact change. Unable to donate at this time? Contact the host about member sponsorships. WE SEAT YOU ... and FEED YOU: Your hosts Nancy Gershman and Chad Lewis placing you at tables of 4, with free-flowing conversation over pots of mint tea and communal platters served family-style; unhindered by facilitators, speakers or agendas. Still in deep conversation at 7:30? Stay longer and convey your appreciation to our hosts by ordering additional dishes, and desserts from the kitchen. SOUNDBITES FROM OUR TABLES: There are so many terrific conversations going on at Death Café NYC. If you would like to get a feel for what they're like, visit our page called Soundbites from Our Tables ( and have a look at what 20-somethings, and even 80-somethings, are coming to talk about. FACEBOOK: LIKE our Facebook page, Death Café NYC, ( get some of the brain-sharpening items and announcements we don’t send you from Memorable soundbites and photos from the latest Death Café  Share-worthy content you can use (and haven't heard before)  Discount tickets to lecture series, art talks and more  Live film screenings including Q&As with the directors  Concerts and early peeks at upcoming exhibitions See you Wednesday! Nancy & Chad

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Welcome to Death Café New York City!

On the third Wednesday of every month, we meet over mint tea and family-style (vegetarian) platters at a Moroccan restaurant to talk about death and dying from every angle. Your host Nancy Gershman seats you at small tables - just the right size to open up, be present or chime in to a neighboring table of four. Basically we lighten each other's souls (hence the reason for photos of people laughing, sometimes for the first time in months)—all without facilitation, agendas or guest speakers.

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Meetup email is rare; strictly for important announcements and member interviews so you'll never be inundated.

Meetup "Pages" are deep and rich. Two of the most popular pages:

• Soundbites from Our Tables ( unforgettable conversations jotted down by our host, Nancy Gershman

• Books We Recommend ( for every age, gender, mindset at every stage of life and loss

What makes our Death Café the real deal?

• We follow the cafe mortel concept of the Swiss sociologist, Bernard Crettaz, and Death Café ( founder Jon Underwood: to liberate conversations about death from "tyrannical secrecy." It's democracy at its finest.


• Returning members come so often they become co-hosts. That's what makes our newbies feel welcome and understood. We're also delighted when members continue their conversations offline.

See you soon?

Nancy Gershman ( and co-host, Chad Lewis.

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