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Discussion about Disenchantment in a Post-Christian World
Clare Carlisle: Miracles and God's will Eu Jin Chua: Disenchantment Anthony Kronman:

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Very happy to start this meetup.Let me describe what I had in mind...

First, let's have a meetup where each member joins a community of thoughtful individuals.Fellowship is really the main goal.Next, assume that we enjoy participating in thoughtful conversation both as a contributor and a listener. Finally, lets learn something by thinking together. If you hear an idea that causes you to re-evaluate your own viewpoint then something good was accomplished.

If you are a person with strongly held opinions and you think dialog is more about persuasion than exchanged viewpoint, then welcome to our group. Defend your position vigorously and acknowledge that everyone is entitled to their opinion.

Within our group there is no specific ideology or political or religious viewpoint that is favored over any other.All ideas are on the table and are valued. Of course ideas should be consistent with the topic for discussion. After all, we don't want a wandering conversation that impulsively leaps randomly but never gets anywhere.

There is a monthly meeting scheduled on a Friday night at 7:00.The first half hour will be informal chit chat and getting settled.Then at 7:30 we begin a moderated discussion.Each meeting will have one or more topics and link to a recommended reading.The readings will be relatively short. Please review the links before the meeting. If a member has an interesting topic then please suggest it.

The location will be my living room. Its pretty big so I believe we can safely accommodate up to 20 participants.I will have chairs based on RSVP count. There will be some Tea and some light snacks. Looking forward to listening to your ideas.


Speak your mind.

Share your viewpoint.

Listen to others.

Learn through conversation.

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