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Decatur Makers is a welcoming, family-friendly community of inquisitive, motivated people who work together in a safe environment to discover, understand, design and create interesting things. We do host activities for children, but please note that any children present at a Meetup must be supervised by a parent or guardian.

We also have a google group and are on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram which we use to communicate and discuss activities. More info (and others ways to support us) here (http://decaturmakers.org/).

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Welding Machine Basics

Decatur Makers


Want to use DM's new welding equipment? This class will cover the safety and use of the TIG/Stick and MIG machines at Decatur Makers. Each attendee will get to startup, use, and shut down the machines so you can be cleared to use the equipment. You'll learn how to do some basic troubleshooting and how to take care of the equipment properly. We will discuss TIG, MIG, and Stick applications and welding different types of metal. We will also touch on adjacent equipment, like angle grinders and clamps, needed to weld. *This is a class on how to use welding machines - learning how to weld is a seperate class.* Student must wear natural fiber clothes (100% cotton, leather, hemp, bamboo, linen, etc) and shoes. Closed toed leather shoes (no mesh). Covered arms and legs (long sleeves and long pants). If you have your own safety equipment you can bring it. Bring reading glasses if needed (must see up close). Here's a little information to get you started: MIG (GMAW - Gas Metal Arc Welding) is the easiest process to learn. It has a MIG "gun" that is live once you push the trigger. There is a continuous feed of wire that serves as filler metal and electrode. Stick (SMAW - Shielded Metal Arc Welding) is the earliest modern welding to use electricity. This process doesn't require gas tanks and is used in the field and under water. It can be challenging but rewarding to learn. TIG (GTAW - Gas Tungsten Arc Welding) welding is a process that allows very high quality welds, even on very thin metals. Welding with TIG is the cleanest process with little to no splatter. You can choose whether to use filler metal and have constant heat control. Min age: 12 years old - adult Max number of students in the class: 4 Cost: = $15 for non-members of Decatur Makers (for more info and to join, click here (https://decaturmakers.org/membership/)) = FREE for members of Decatur Makers (please pay here, and you will be reimbursed after the class if you attend. No-shows won't be reimbursed unless they change their RSVPs to Not Going beforehand). Thanks!

Open Build Night

Decatur Makers

We are now hosting open build nights on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Wednesdays of the month at 7 PM. These nights are open to members and non-members so if you're interested in checking out the space, come on by. Bring a project you'd like to work on, meet others who have the same passion or can help out, and/or work on one of our Decatur Maker projects du jour. This is for makers of all ages, skill sets, and interests. Stop by, stay hi, and stay for the making.

PRIVATE EVENT: Upstairs Meeting Room

Decatur Makers

The Decatur Robotics team will be meeting in our upstairs meeting room for their regular meetings during the competition season.

Woodshop 201: Dimensioning Lumber

Decatur Makers


Prerequisite: Woodshop 101 or equivalent expertise. This class will cover the basics of using the jointer and planer to take rough-cut lumber and turn it into flat and square boards for use in a project. Cost: Free for members of Decatur Makers* $30 for non-members (click HERE for more info and to join (https://decaturmakers.org/membership/)!) *Members please pay full-price and we'll refund you after you attend the class. Refunds: Full refunds will be given if you cancel no later than 2 days prior to the class. NO other cancellation refunds provided. Max Number of Students: 3 Min Age of Student: 14 years old if a parent attends with them The instructor, Cathy Pfeiler, once was the webmaster for IBM.COM. But left that world to build everything from tiny houses to cutting boards. She now has her own own woodworking business where she continues to design and build her clients dreams.

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Youth Welding Project Class

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