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Decatur Makers is a welcoming, family-friendly community of inquisitive, motivated people who work together in a safe environment to discover, understand, design and create interesting things. We do host activities for children, but please note that any children present at a Meetup must be supervised by a parent or guardian.

We also have a google group and are on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram which we use to communicate and discuss activities. More info (and others ways to support us) here (http://decaturmakers.org/).

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Woodshop 101

Decatur Makers


Our woodshop is full of great equipment and tools! This class will safely introduce people to the proper way to handle and use our table saw, miter saw, band saw and drill press. You'll get hands-on and will also learn ways to use this equipment to make your projects. Min age: 12 years old - adult (We ask that children under 16 are accompanied by an adult) Max number of students in the class: 5 Cost: = $25 for non-members of Decatur Makers (for more info and to join, click here (https://decaturmakers.org/membership/)) = FREE for members of Decatur Makers (please pay here, and you will be reimbursed after the class if you attend. No-shows won't be reimbursed unless they change their RSVPs to Not Going at least 2 days beforehand) Required Clothes: = Closed toed boots/shoes = Long pants and short sleeves or long sleeves that can be rolled up = Long hair must be tied back The instructor, George Breeden, is one of the woodworkers at the space.

Open Build Night

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We are now hosting open build nights on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Wednesdays of the month at 7 PM. These nights are open to members and non-members so if you're interested in checking out the space, come on by. Bring a project you'd like to work on, meet others who have the same passion or can help out, and/or work on one of our Decatur Maker projects du jour. This is for makers of all ages, skill sets, and interests. Stop by, stay hi, and stay for the making.

DIY Harry Potter Wand

Decatur Makers


Experience the magic of making your own Harry Potter wand from real wood! This is a beginners level class, even if you've never touched woodworking before, you can do this. For this class we'll be hand carving custom Harry Potter wands from soft wood tree branches. I will have example wands that I've made previously for inspiration. Using a sharp carving knife, we will be learning to whittle an organic, asymmetric, custom shape for the handle, and whittling the tip up to a point. After that we'll sand it, and possibly stain it if we have time at the end of the class. We will even be able to drill a hole to insert our own wand cores true to Harry Potter lore. I will be providing the wood for the class. You do not have to bring a design to the class. Oftentimes, the wood will have its own unique qualities that will speak to you as you carve it. If you do have a very specific plan in mind, be sure to bring a to scale picture and a stick that is to your specifications (length, wood type, curvature) I do suggest using a soft wood, as it is easier and quicker to carve in one class. Another method not included in this class is using the lathe to achieve a nice symmetrical, rounded look, but I like to teach methods that you can duplicate at home, and not everyone owns a wood lathe. Cost: $30 for paying members of Decatur Makers* $35 for non-members (click HERE for more info and to join (https://decaturmakers.org/membership/)!) *Members please pay full-price and we'll refund you the difference after you attend the class. Refunds: Full refunds will be given if you cancel no later than 2 days prior to the class. NO other cancellation refunds provided. Max Number of Students: 6 Min Age of Student: 14 years old

Volunteer Meeting for our Girls Who Code Club at Decatur Makers

We're kicking off a Girls Who Code (GWC) club at Decatur Makers this Fall for middle school and high school girls so we're getting our adult volunteers together to prep and discuss the details. If you're interested in volunteering to help lead a monthly GWC club meeting (or two) during this upcoming school year, please join us to learn more!

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Glowforge 101: How to Use a Laser Cutter

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